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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The little moments!
When the world is just not fair. And you have to hang your head and take a deep breath.

Alli posing for the camera.

Jason and Joey rockin on grandpas porch swing, it sure looks like they are about to cause some trouble to me.

Too cute,
My sister Melanie aka Lanie sent me this shirt that she found to remind me of our youth. Those were the good old days. Alli is already planning when she gets the shirt from me for herself.

Zach, Alli, and Joey, learning how to jump on a pogo stick at grandpa Roy's. It took a few tries, but the boys got the hang of it pretty fast. Alli on the other hand doesn't weigh enough to even get it off the ground so dad had to help her out a little bit.