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Friday, April 29, 2011

decisions, decisions , decisions

Sometimes I really don't like being the grown up. I close my eyes and go back in time to when I was a little kid running around the circle I grew up on, in my mismatched hand-me-down outfit, with my hair not combed, eating a popsicle as fast as I could before I melted. Staying out till dark, laughing with my friends, riding my bike or jumproping, or playing tetherball. Now here I sit, with my 5 darling children trying to make the very best decisions for them. Not sure at all what to do. I am sure my parents anguished over the decisions they made, and they were great, because it seemed to me that they made the decicions so easily! My problems seem so HUGE! Do I try to change the kids schools, do I try to home school, do we move, do we stay, if we move do we go to north dakota, or salt lake, And it seems like all these decisions need to be made RIGHT NOW! I have prayed, I have pondered, I have done what I feel I should do to get answers, but I still don't know what to do. I have sent the kids to school and waited till it was absolutley quiet, and just layed on the living room floor, and waited for divine inspiration to flow into me!! yet there is none. I am still clueless as to what to do, what is best for me and my kids, I have a daughter who has no friends, who wants to go to a different school, I have twins, (kinda) who probably should be in 2 different classes, I think it would be better for them, but my boys are pretty happy where they are, as for me..... I guess all in all, it doesn't much matter, I sit in my house all day, alone, so I am pretty portable. I can be alone here or alone somewhere else. You know what, being a grown up kinda stinks sometimes, I am not trying to make you all feel bad for me, I am truly not, I am just so confused, I know we all as adults come across things in our lives that we struggle with, and usually I am so great with snap decisions, even big ones, but this one has me stumped. oh well, I will keep up with my praying and pondering! thanks for the sounding board! Maybe I will go outside and eat a popsicle and relive my youth, and feel better :)
p.s. update on my thumb. I went to the dr. today, after wearing my oh so sexy thumb brace which I totally blinged out, it so did not do anything to help me, so we are back to thinking it is RA so I had a shot of cortisone today, the shot was not so bad, but as the day is wearing on, the pain is increasing. so I have upped my pain pills for now hopefully by tomorrow or so it will feel better, he said the shot should make me feel better for 8 months to a year, if it works at all, I don't know if that makes me feel better or not!

Monday, April 18, 2011

she got me good!

Ok so another addition to the funny things kids say! We were at church yesterday, and I went to pick up salt and pepper from their class, Their teachers just gave me the craziest look when I got there, then they busted up laughing! They said their lesson was on the word of wisdom and what they should and shouldn't do, and my little pepper shouts out "my mom drinks and drives all the time" so now, they are going to turn me into the bishop. I guess I need to get it under control. NO MORE DIET DR. PEPPER WHILE DRIVING! Thank  goodness they explaind the difference after they stopped laughing their heads off. so I think for the most part I am ok to go on with life as I always have. Pepper has ok'd my drinking. so we are good! What a goofball.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

april dance comps!

 Alli and Abby have done a couple of competitons and have a couple more to do! April and May are competition months. Then we are off for the summer. Here are the girls all dolled up. They are having so much fun, and doing so great. The last one we went to, Alli's group took first place, and abby's group took second! great job girls!
 Abby and her friend Lexis. getting ready to dance!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the funny thing kids say.........

I could follow my kids around with a notebook and just jot down the thing they say all day, and at times like now when I want to share how funny my kids are I wish I did because I am forgetting what they said! oh well I remember a few. yes all my kids are funny, but the lttler (is that a word, and if it is I know its spelled wrong) ones say the goofiest things. Jason comes up with great ones. Abby is like a 15 year old stuck in a 5 yerar old body, but she hears me say things wrong and asks for things later the way she heard them. Like the other day I was cooking carrotts and I told her I would let her have raw carrots the next day as a snack. Well the next day she asked me if she was going to have rotton carrots for her snack! eeewww. then this weekend I had given her some medicine for her sneezing, a few days later she asked for an energy pill, I looker at her like she was crazy! then realized she was asking for an allergy pill, I am thinking of maybe getting her hearing checked. Jason on the other hand is just a class clown. He asked me the other day if he had 2 faces, I said no he only had 1 face, why, he said his one mouth is talking, but so is his tummy so he must have 2 faces! then he told me the other day that he knew who the easter bunny was, I was a little nervous to ask who he thought the easter bunny was: not exactly sure what he was going to come up with, well, I should have known, he told me of course mom, its hop!!! Haven't you seen the commercials? I love my kids they keep me on my toes every single day!
And on to less fun stuff, to keep you all up on my thumb drama, I wemt to the rheumatologist last week, because a blood test I had taken had come back with elevated RA levels, and although they are still elvated, he is not convinced I have rheumatoid arthritis. Simply because it generally shows up on both sides of the body, if it is on one hand it is on the other also. Since it is only in one thumb, he is not so sure, but I don't feel so great when you are sitting there and all you hear are hmmm, well this is different, I'm not sure. I have lost my faith in dr.s. It is frustrating. Or as jason says fruchfrating!!!! So his best guess is I have somehow injured it without my knowledge, he has put me on a week of steroids, and a month of antinflamitories, and a brace. If in a month it is not better then I have a thumb MRI. I am thinking my thumb is a big pain!! So I guess I go with it for the month and see where we are then. I will let you know how it goes!