Carroll family circus

Each new day is a day worth waking up for.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ok so I had a bad tooth a long time ago, and I have been babying it for a while, well, a few months ago, it couldn't be babied any more, and I had to have it pulled, so because I refused to walk around for the rest of my life toothless, I have been looking into all of my options, while my self esteem has taken a major blow! I decided to have an implant put in, to look the most natural,and not have to worry about it anymore! Well, I had that done yesterday. The actual procedure was not that bad, other than the fact that to save a few bucks, I opted out of the sedation, so I totally knew that they were putting a screw into my jaw!!! Not cool, but it didn't hurt..... till I got home, and the local wore off. Now on day 2... holy moly, me and my chipmunk cheek and my bottle of ibuprofen. I feel like a walking bruise! One of the hardest parts, last night after I had it done, they told me, don't eat, drink, or talk for at least 4 hours, well hello, I have 5 kids and a husband who are curious, they kept coming in and asking me questions, checking on me, Jason totally couldn't handle it, he needed his momma!!! And now today, I may be feeling worse, but my house looks worse, oh well no rest for the wicked right??? so this pic shows that when I am totally losing my mind, I just might have a screw loose!! Kinda gross I know and I can't wait to heal its already feeling like forever, but hopefully soon I will get my smile back!

Monday, June 28, 2010

chuck-e-cheese!!!! where a kid can be a kid, and brian can too!

Alli's birthday was the midldle of May, and she told Grandma and grandpa Carroll that she just wanted to go to jungle jims. well, we realized that it is made mostly for kids under 9, and now she is in double digits, so she decided to go to play with chuckee cheese! pizza games the whole works! It was so much fun! Here are salt and pepper playing a game, collecting the oh so coveted tickets.
Jason and daddy playing the water squirting game. ( I think jason acutally won! sorry b)

here is pepper playing the bowling game! She absolutly loved it!!!
Joey and Alli racing in the motorcycle races!

Alli loving her late birthday celebration! It may be late but worth the wait! Thanks so much Grandma and grandpa!

southern utah family reunion

Jason being his crazy self on the drive playing with the slinkys. what a nut! The theme was for our family reunion was fiesta! So they had dress up things for us, we had so much fun! And yes even the adults got in on the fun. This is me and my sister Kami posing with our cute hats and moustaches! we had so much fun! although it was hard to be serious with moustache hair tickling your nose! I don't know how men do it!!!
Alli and Joey, so cute! I especially love Joeys crooked moustache It just fits his personality so well!

And Zach with his serious face just looks so good!

But this one is my favorite!!! They all look so serious! It was so funny! I was busting a gut laughing! We had so much fun! The weather was great, the food was yummy, the family was awesome! what more could we ask for~!

Friday, June 18, 2010

warm swim meet, big owie, new dryer, old friend

Swim meet in Draper Ut., this was a fun meet! It was warm, and beautiful, and Joey did awesome! Here he is getting ready for the backstroke! And here is the whole crew! Well we just had a small portion of the swim team at this meet, but we had fun anyway! Go Lava Heat!!!
And here is peppers big owie, she wanted to ride Jason's big boy bike, she got going just a little too fast, and CRASH, road rash. She said she decided to just ride her littler bike, I told her that was probably a good idea. ( by the way, the owie totally went away, to scar at all thank goodness)

ok, so more drama in the carroll household, my dryer bit the dust! On the upside..... I now have the dryer that matches my washer! YEA!!!

And more fun for me, I as able to meet up with my friend I grew up with! Those of my family that read this blog I am sure you all remember April! We met up with my friend Jennie (yes there is a long story there) and all had breakfast the other day! It was crazy and so much fun! It is so wild what a small world it really is! But wow it was amazing to see her again. And the memories it brought back!!!

A day at the park

We decided to hang out at the park the other day while Joey was at swim team practice. The kids had a blast. It was so relaxing, and fun! Alli literally hanging out, upside down.
Alli striking a pose, while pushing salt and pepper on the swings!

Jason getting ready to cruise down the slide!
More swinging! weeeee.

pepper filling an empty water bottle with sand.
What a relaxing evening! It was great weather (for a change) the kids loved getting out of the house for a while, the change of scenery did us all good!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I realized yesterday that I have not laughed out loud for a very long time! I think everybody gets in funks, I have been in one, sure times are rough all around, everybody is broke, beinga a single mom is not what I signed up for, I run from sun up to sun down, and beyond, it seems I am always telling the kids do this do that..., medical issus with the kids, alli getting her tonsils out this summer, alli and joey getting glasses, zach getting braces, salt and pepper starting kindergarten, my own medical problems I am having a hard time with, things have been turbulent in the carroll household, Well, we were heading out of town the other night, Zach was in the front passenger seat playing his D.S. surprise surprise, Joey was directly behind him, playing gameboy, both boys had their windows down, Not even thinking I drove right by a sprinkler, and sure enough it went right in the window and got both boys, the looks on their faces were so priceless!!! I LAUGHED OUT LOUD in fact we all laughed out loud! we couldn't stop! we were all so shocked! It was so funny! So thank you to the person who was watering the road on the way out of town!!! You made my day! It felt so good to laugh again.