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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

turkey and trees.

 We were lucky enough to be asked to do desserts for turkey day this year! we had so much fun. Here is jason holding the cake balls getting ready to put them in the freezer, he had so much fun helping to make them.
 Here is alli helping out! Abby and the boys were playing wii, so they were too busy to help!
 My and my sis on thanksgiving, LOVE HER!!! and of course my daddy in the background.
 Zach sneaking a roll, (thats my grandma in the back there)
 getting ready to eat!
 mmm, everything is soooooo good.
 joey ready to dig in.
 Ok, now this has a story behind it, kind of a crazy one, it started with the boys bringing up my totes up from the basement, joey stepped on one of those stupid glue traps to catch mice, (no more mice here btw) it turned upside down, got all over the carpet, and made a mess, then jason went downstairs to see what all the commotion was, then stepped in the glue with his church pants which happen to be too long. so we stripped him down to his undies, and he just went like that the rest of the day, so I apologize all our tree decorating pics are with jason in his undies!!! Here he his showing off his new "socks".
 Alli and underwear boy putting ornaments on.
 Abby and underwear boy finding just the right place for the ornaments.
 My babies, someday I will get a pic where noone is pulling a face, lol.
 Then we snuck into the kitchen for some hot cocoa, the perfect ending.
Zach loves hot cocoa!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

mmm, mmm, good :)

Ok, so I have my darling sister to blame for this one. She sent me a pic of this that she made, and of course it looked delish, then alli told me she was having a party at school the next day and she needed to bring a treat, so this of course came to mind, since it never left, and fyi, the original recipe called for regular popcorn, but I had these pops so I used them.

 mmm, mmm good, so you take your popcorn add whatever carmal sauce you usually make, (if anyone wants my recipe just let me know) then you add 1 c. of chopped up halloween candy chocolate bars, bake it for 10 min. then add another cup of chopped up candy bars, then enjoy, way too good.
 And then I made these, caramel cheesecake snickerdoodle sandwiches. ooooh yea.
and thats how this happened, lol,, I finally have a belly ;) Well I have made it to 28 weeks, some days it seems to go by soooo slow, then I look back and think wow, that was fast, and even crazier the end of this pregnancy is coming faster. And I'm not ready, we are clueless about a name, need lots of things for him still, and yet the time just keeps going by. I officially have 12 more weeks, but as we all know my other babies all came a month early, so I need to get ready. The fun part is I start going in to the dr every 2 weeks now. He is keeping a real close eye on baby, the migraine meds I am taking have a tendency to make a baby smaller, so not only do I get an ultrasound every appt with my dr. he is ordering an ultrasound with his tech every 2-3 weeks to check on the babys growth. so I am getting to see my little ones personality a lot. Today he must be either frustrated, or ready to meet his brothers, both his hands were tight in fists, lol. He wouldn't show me his face today, but everything else still looks great! (and still a boy) so I will keep you updated!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I wanna be locked up!

Lately I have been very negative (I've noticed this in my posts, so sorry about that) I am really not that depressed, and I have to say, my kids keep me going, I find something to laugh with or smile at several times a day. Well I came across this poem a while back, and it talks about exactly how I feel.

I want to be locked up

(thoughts from a harried mom, who is beginning to think some time in  a minimum security, white collar crime prison is looking pretty good.)

I want to be locked up
Away from everything,
Free from all the craziness
A mothers day can bring.
No planning, shopping, cooking
Three healthy meals a day,
Served up with love to finicky kids
Who throw most of it away.
No constant interruptions,
Dirty laundry on the floor,
Driving everyone every place,
Sibling rivalry (Its war!)
No one asking me to do things,
Getting mad if I forget,
Me giving up my very self-
I'm the family marionette.
Prison sometimes looks appealing
(or maybe the looney bin),
I get free time and three square meals;
With nothing to do, I win!
I want to be locked up
For freedom, time and such,
There's just one obstacle for me;
by Joanna Fuchs

So there ya have it, I guess I'm not going anywhere, lol.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

happy halloween!

 Happy Halloween! I am so happy that the weather stayed nice for trick or treating! It made it a whole lot funner! Here are my munchkins all dressed up. Zach is dressed up as zach, joey is dressed up as zak bagans from the show ghost adventures, alli is my cute little hippie. Abby is a witch with a butterfly on her face from her school party. And jason even though it is the same costume all night, he went from an alligator to a dinosaur to a dragon.
 Getting ready for the trunkortreat.
 abby is ready to go!
 Jason tried to give me a mean face, I just think its adorable.
 These next pics are jj and brian. My dad works at lowes, and he gets those cute little "kid projects" that jason LOVES to do. so here they are making the monster box.

I guess his neck itched, and he used the only thing he had. funny kid.