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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I wanna be locked up!

Lately I have been very negative (I've noticed this in my posts, so sorry about that) I am really not that depressed, and I have to say, my kids keep me going, I find something to laugh with or smile at several times a day. Well I came across this poem a while back, and it talks about exactly how I feel.

I want to be locked up

(thoughts from a harried mom, who is beginning to think some time in  a minimum security, white collar crime prison is looking pretty good.)

I want to be locked up
Away from everything,
Free from all the craziness
A mothers day can bring.
No planning, shopping, cooking
Three healthy meals a day,
Served up with love to finicky kids
Who throw most of it away.
No constant interruptions,
Dirty laundry on the floor,
Driving everyone every place,
Sibling rivalry (Its war!)
No one asking me to do things,
Getting mad if I forget,
Me giving up my very self-
I'm the family marionette.
Prison sometimes looks appealing
(or maybe the looney bin),
I get free time and three square meals;
With nothing to do, I win!
I want to be locked up
For freedom, time and such,
There's just one obstacle for me;
by Joanna Fuchs

So there ya have it, I guess I'm not going anywhere, lol.


Jodi said...

HA! That's a great poem! Motherhood is the hardest, bestest job there ever was!!:) You're doing a great job!!

Goodwin Family said...

love it!! I feel exactly the same way!! Can't wait to play next weekend!!

Cathy said...

Great poem!!