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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

turkey and trees.

 We were lucky enough to be asked to do desserts for turkey day this year! we had so much fun. Here is jason holding the cake balls getting ready to put them in the freezer, he had so much fun helping to make them.
 Here is alli helping out! Abby and the boys were playing wii, so they were too busy to help!
 My and my sis on thanksgiving, LOVE HER!!! and of course my daddy in the background.
 Zach sneaking a roll, (thats my grandma in the back there)
 getting ready to eat!
 mmm, everything is soooooo good.
 joey ready to dig in.
 Ok, now this has a story behind it, kind of a crazy one, it started with the boys bringing up my totes up from the basement, joey stepped on one of those stupid glue traps to catch mice, (no more mice here btw) it turned upside down, got all over the carpet, and made a mess, then jason went downstairs to see what all the commotion was, then stepped in the glue with his church pants which happen to be too long. so we stripped him down to his undies, and he just went like that the rest of the day, so I apologize all our tree decorating pics are with jason in his undies!!! Here he his showing off his new "socks".
 Alli and underwear boy putting ornaments on.
 Abby and underwear boy finding just the right place for the ornaments.
 My babies, someday I will get a pic where noone is pulling a face, lol.
 Then we snuck into the kitchen for some hot cocoa, the perfect ending.
Zach loves hot cocoa!


Jodi said...

Underwear boy sounds like a good character for a book! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!:)

Goodwin Family said...

Love underwear boy!! :) I didn't see the finished turkey!!

Goodwin Family said...

j/k! they weren't 'turkey's, they were for Turkey day!