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Friday, April 17, 2009

I have legs!!!

Jason getting ready for his first day of swim lessons. He was so funny, I put his swimsuit on him, and he was shocked that he had legs!!! He held them up so I could take a picture, and said " I have legs" I guess after a long winter of jeans and sweats, actually seeing his legs was a bit of a shock. But very funny!!!

Alli doing her swim lessons She has turned into quite the little fish.

Jason with his teachers at swimming lessons, His teacher today let him ride on her back for most of the class. He loved that. That is his kind of lesson.

Swimming Lessons, the top group of pics is Joey. He is doing really good, but he won't go off the diving board yet, maybe next time. Zach, is such a little fish. He is really doing great too.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hogle zoo adventures.
We also went to the zoo yesterday.
These are just a few cute pics of the kids posing on the animal statues there.

Grandma and grandpa Carroll had an easter egg hunt for the kids.
Here is Jason running around looking for the candy.
Joey and Allison racing for the eggs.

Where could they be??

Jason gave up early and decided to pick flowers for me and grandma.

On our annual easter egg hunt at grandma sally's and grandpa Roys house, we send the older kids on a scavenger hunt for their 'loot' I posted these backwards, but you can get the picture. This is Joeys shoe in the road, because he was running so fast he left it behind. Here are the kids with all thier goodies
Looking for the next clue

Another clue????????????? How many did you hide?

Zach helping Jason find his eggs

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jason has been so sick the past couple of weeks. The other night, he got so tired, he told me good night, and went to bed, about 10 seconds later I followed him into his room and found him like this. How cute!!!
This is Jasons collection of sippy cups, with him being sick I have been trying to get him to drink as much as he will, he is stubborn, so he needs options, however I thought there were only 3 cups down: sprite, apple juice, and ensure (he doesn't eat when he's sick) then he found 2 more that I thought I put in the sink, He held on to them tight, taking sips out of all them in a row. ---- at least he's drinking right.

The missionaries came to our house, and they survived!!!
On Joeys birthday last month (I am a little slow) we had the missionaries over for dinner. I have not been able to do this before because Brian is always out of town, so we really enjoyed having them over, plus they were great entertianment for the kids. Too bad they can't babysit......

Over spring break we did get to go see a movie the kids have been dying to see. It was pretty good. Jason wouldn't wear his 3-d glasses, but he didn't seem to mind the fuzzy picture. We all loved the movie. Great family night idea.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sooooooo tired

Ok those of you out there with kids know where I am coming from, so first of all please do not be annoyed at my many typos, I am going on 4 nights of no sleep!!!! Jason has been so sick this last week, and it is catching up with me. This is the time when I would love a tag team partnter, but he has to work so I am out of luck. Again I may be whining but please ignore that, remember no sleep. ok so Ilooked at my pics in my camera and realized I stopped blogging. I have so many pics to put on, but am too tired to go get my camera now that I am by my computer so you get me rambling instead. Things have been pretty crazy lately, we just had a late winter aka: spring break in Idaho, I didn't get to do much with the kids, but they were sick anyway so we wouldn't have done much. But we are looking forward to going to slc this weekend for easter, and hang out with the family. Also the Big easter egg hunt here in town that I am in charge of this year is this saturday has been keeping me pretty busy. But I am excited to see it all come together. I will try and take pics for the blog on that day. Well I thought I had more to say, but I think I am done. Stay tuned for new pics, and a better less whiny blog!