Carroll family circus

Each new day is a day worth waking up for.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

here we are

 We got family pics done, here are a couple of them, I love them!!!!  after my last fiasco, I finally had a positive experience.

 joey                            jason
                                                             Abby          and      Alli
                                                        Zach         and       Zander
A very successful family photo day! yea!

birthday and end of school year stuff

 My baby girl turned 12!!! wow does time fly! Alli is such an amazing beautiful girl! I love her so much. she is such a helpful and wonderful person to have around. And so much fun. Life is never dull with Alli. she just graduated from primary and into young womens! wow. This little puppy cake is what she chose to eat for breakfast for her big day, a girl after my own heart.
 And this is the cake she picked out, I usually make her cake, but with me just having surgery, she allowed me to buy her cake this year, thank goodness!!
 One of her presents was an ipod boom box, she is so happy :)
 we had to get out of the house the other day so we decided to take a tour of the kennecot mines  it was pretty interesting, and the kids had a blast, ( the adults kinda liked it too)
 just me and my boys!
 the whole group! (minus brian who is taking the pic, he is in the pic below)
 I like how alli is chillin
 don't you love how the kids are measuring themselves on the drawing of the dump truck!
 Jason making himself taller.
 Brian reading the manual for his parents t.v. trying to fix it, we were all upstairs wondering what was taking him so long to fix it! hmmmm, I wonder.
 Alli digging in the money bag, I think she got like 8 bucks!! not too bad for her little hands!
 The elementary had a carnival for the end of school party, the next few pics are of the kids having a BLAST at the carnival.  this one is of abby after getting her face painted.
 Alli and Ari, after the face painting.
 jason after the shark slide
 alli climbing up the rock wall
 daddy and zander chillin at the carnival
Alli graduated from elementary!!!! Yea onto Jr. high, ready or not!

Monday, May 14, 2012

god gave me you

 my oldest and youngest babies :)
 and this little cutie patootie I think he has started praying for help! he keeps folding his precious little hands, and with all the crazieness in our house, he does this a lot. What a sweetheart. I would pray too if I were him.
And I had to get a pic of his eyelashes, they keep growing and growing, I don't know why its the boys that seem to get the good lashes.
 jason is such an awesome big brother, he loves to hold little zan man.
 Abby got to go to a birthday party the other day, she had such a fun time. It has been  a bit difficult letting her go to all the parites that she gets invited to since she can't eat sugar, but this friend's mom called me and we worked out some treats that abby was able to eat that weren't different from the other kids, and she had such a fun time!
 Yesterday when mothers day rolled around the song "god gave me you" came to mind. I feel so lucky that I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. I have always wanted to be a mom. from the time I was a little girl, I always wanted to grow up to be a mom. It is all I ever wanted, and I have been able to to it 6 times over. Ithought we were done having kids after alli, I was a little sad, but thought our family was complete, then Jason surprised us 6 years later, making us so happy! Then only 3 1/2 years later we were able to adopt abby I had always wanted to adopt a child, I just never thought I would have an opportunity. This one came out of the blue, adding #5 to our family. A couple of years later, big surprise #6 came to our lives rounding out our family making it totally perfect. Being a mom makes me so happy. It is who I am. I am so blessed to have the family that God has blessed me with. (and yes the lotion in the above picture is stress relief lotion, lol)
 and after almost 17 years of asking for it, brian listened, I finally got a stove top grill!!! yea for presents!!
and alli got me some way cute earrings and a ring watch, I got pretty spoiled. It was fun. loved my day. We also got some family pics done saturday, and I can't wait to get them back and post them. family pics are always crazy, but I think they went pretty good. and this time I won't have any issues with my family pics like I did  last time if any of you remember what happened we got our pics taken then the lady that took them just up and dissapeared, then weeks later when I found her, she only gave me a couple of pictures, it was crazy, but this time, it will all work out great!! I am so excited :) so happy mothers day to all you awesome moms out there!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

we survived

 Its been a little while since my last post, so I thought I would drop in and let you all know we are alive!!! It has been a wild few weeks, but we survived. we enjoyed a family day at eh safe kids fair where the kids got to visit with the star wars characters, they thought that was pretty cool. They got tons of free coloring books, and candy, and all sorts of cool things. It was nice to get out for the day.
 And I had to sneak in some pics of my little Zander, he is getting so big!!!
 This is his little had collection, he looks so cute his hats. This is his 3 month pic!
 Then my oldest baby, turned 15!! can you believe that, I am finding it hard to believe myself, but Zach turned 15 on april 25. Time sure flies. I think that he had a pretty good day, we didn't do much, but we sure had a great family time celebrating with him.
 Love that smile!
 Wow that is a lot of candles.
 And this little man has no more front teeth!! $2.00 richer and a ton cuter, and a little lisp, he is wishing for his two front teeth.
 I  also had the opportunity to help throw a bridal shower for my neice jonni, I had such a fun time doing it, and it turned out so awesome! here is a pic of my girls, alli,  and abby (and my other girls, kristie, and shelby, and lizzie) with their moustaches and tieras during the game we played.
Joey and Zander hanging, out together, my cute boys, and a last pic of zander with his cute little smile. makes my day, every single day! As do all my kids.

And finally my medical update: I ended up having my galbladder out this last tuesday. The surgeon is pretty sure this will solve my problems. I am certain it will also, recovery has been slow, its not easy to recover when you have a 3 month old, but I will get there :) my parents have been awesome helping me everyday, in fact friday, my dad came and kidnapped me and took me home with him so they could help with the baby for the night and let me get a full nights rest so I could get more energy, they are so thoughtful! As for the tumor on my adrenal gland, my dr is going to scan it every 3 months for about a year to make sure it doesn't grow or change, if it does then we will talk about removing it, but if it doesn't then he will not worry about it. so for now, thats it! no more medical stuff till my next scan in july! I can keep recovering from this surgery,and get stronger every day, hopefully in the next week I can pick up my fat baby without saying "ouch" lol.

And upcoming events, we have more birthdays, (brians was actually yesterday,) and allis is in 2 weeks!!! end of school is just around the corner! yikes!