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Monday, April 26, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame!

T-ball at its finest! Jason's first t'ball game ever.
And it was funny. He was so confused, and tired, and didn't know which way to go, or what to do, after the second inning, he turned to me and said," I am too tired mom, can we go home now?"
I made him finish the next 2 innings, and he did finish, kind of. During the last inning, he walked off the field to get a drink of his juice. He was just wore out. Here he is running into home.
And I do have them backwards, but here he is jumping onto third. Literally!

Up to bat!

Practicing before the game starts!

Just a little cocky before the game started. (and before he got hit in the nose with a ball).
I am so looking forward to a fun and exciting season of t-ball. and I am ready to see lots of improvements!!!!
love ya jj.

Happy Birthday ZACH!
My very first teenager!!!
And so the tradition of the pie in the face lives on ! It is so much fun! And we so got him good. It is hard to believe that was 13 years ago that he was born. It has gone by so fast! Zach is such an easy going kid, and I just love him so much! Here he is opening his presents!

And grandpa carroll's famous money bag! He's diggin deep!

And YUMMY! We got a cold stone ice cream cake this year, it was soooo good! one of the best ever! Thanks zach for asking for an ice cream cake!

Happy birthday baby boy we love you so much! we are so blessed to be your parents. And are so lucky to have a son like you!

Bowling during spring break! Its a little late, but better late than never right! On one of the days of spring break we went to logan to spend the day with Dave and Barbara. They took us bowling! It was so much fun. The kids had a blast. Here they all are each taking their turns bowling. Zach very strategically picking out his ball. He wouldn't let anyone else touch the ball, because it might rub all the luck off, He was quite the little bowler. I was very impressed!
here is alli struttin her stuff. She was pretty good too!

And here is Joey helping Abby They were having such a good time!

looks like Joey is lining it up for a perfect strike.

Jason acting like such a big boy. Wanting to do it all by himself!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ok, so this last weekend didn't get many pictures, the camera sat in the bottom of my purse through most of the weekend, but you know I guess thats how it goes sometimes! We had a wild and crazy weekend. It started out Saturday morning bright and early for Joey, he had a swim meet in logan. He did so great!! My dad drove up from Salt lake to be with him. He took a first place in the butterfly, and I believe third in freestyle, the rest I can't remember right off (since I wasn't there, ) but he place first, second or third in all 5 events that he entered!!! He did so good! And now on to the reason I wasn't there.....I was in Blackfoot with the girls at a dance competition! AND.. they both took first place with their dances. Abby's little group was so cute, they got a first place, they will get their trophies on friday, And alli's group took first place with a specialty award!! wow it was so exciting. Then... after running all over the place we had to run home get ready really fast, pick up Zach and Jason, head off to salt lake for a cousins wedding. Which as a side note, I have decided that every wedding should have mexican buffet at their wedding.YUM!! best wedding food ever!! Anyway, we were leaving the wedding late sat. night, going out to my burb(our name for my suburban,) put the keys in, and hear that sound nobody wants to hear, that infamous click, then nothing. well to make a long boring story a little shorter. I had to buy an alternater, well my dad did, thanks dad, the checks in the mail right...... WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!!!! seriously. Can we please redo the last part. that was so stressful! And this is right after we had to replace the fuel pump in our car. This is a bad time for vehicles for us. I am thinking someone is telling me to stay home! and I am willing to listen! its just a little thing called a schedule that keeps me going that I just can't ignore! Sorry! I am trying! Whats a girl to do!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter trip to the zoo

The kids watching the poor giraffe lick the wall. That is about all the giraffe did the whole time was drink water, and lick the wall, so needless to say we did not stay in that stinky building very long! And here are the kids measuring up to the gorillas!

It was a cold, cold, COLD day at the zoo, but as a plus, the animals were a little riled up, they were out and about, except the elephants and rhinos, they were nowhere to be found. and as jason says, the zebras that got dead. we were missing them. but other than that, we had a great time.

Happy Easter

Easter hunts. The older kids get to go on scavenger hunts to find their 'loot' Here they are figuring out the clue to get the next clue! They were pretty smart this year! They found their treats in no time at all. And here are salt and pepper finding their eggs. They did a great job! They had so much fun doing it!
salt cheesing it up for the camera

pepper showing off her cute pink eggs

salt finding all his blue eggs

pepper needed a little help with this one!

april fools

Happy april fools day!!
This was our goofy attempt at an april fools dinner. I usually go all out, this year, I was tired, so I just did a couple of things. I did meatloaf, with mashpotatoe frosting cupcakes, and chicken nuggets, which were marshmellows covered in peanut butter, and rolled in crushed corn flakes. all in all, it was fun. the older 3 kids were like ok mom whatever, we will humer(sp?) you and just eat it, jason, took one lick of the mashed potatoe frostsing, and put down the cupcake and said he wanted a different kind of cupcake. it was pretty funny, he wouldn't even try the marshmellow nuggets after that. And little abby, she didn't even get the joke, she just loved the dinner. kids are so funny.

Joey getting money out of the money bag with grandpa Carroll. While we were in Salt lake last weekend we got to go out to Ice cream with grandpa and grandma Carroll, then go back to their house, and played wii, and hang out. We had so much fun!
Joey got with one huge hand, $16.90 out of the money bag, Holy cow!!!
Here we are at leatherbys, the best ice cream place EVER!!! YUM!

Here are all the kids enjoying their huge ice creams.
We had so much fun!