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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flowers and haircuts

 We went for a drive today to get out of the house for a while, and found this hill covered in sunflowers, I HAD to take a picture, so I sent all my kids up the hill and this is what I got!! I thought it was pretty cute!
 Don't know what it is lately but my big boys insist on wearing camo ALL THE TIME, so of course I find a great place for pics and my boys are in camo..... oh well what do you do huh.
 They still look pretty good!
 Alli LOVED the big flowers! she was having the most fun.
 Abby with her little flower. She was having so much fun running around.
 Jason had a hard time looking at the camera because of the sun. but I love this pic anyway because it just showes off his expressive eyebrows :)
Haircuts finally!! they are hard to see because Jason is obsessed with rubbing his own, and daddys (and now joeys) head!! He loves that fuzzy feeling.

Monday, June 13, 2011

swim meet and summer reading program!!!!

 Joey had another swim meet this weekend, He did pretty good!!! And finally I was able to get close enough to get some decent pictures!! Here he is doing his least favorite stroke, the breast stroke, but he is improving at it all the time!
 And his all time favorite the freestyle! he barely comes up to breath!
 My favorite to watch because I can't do it without drowning myself, the butterfly! He looks so awsome doing it And check out his wingspan!! His arms are so long! He was so good at this one.
 And here is the little thief who kept taking my sunglasses all day! at least he was so cute, I couldn't get mad!
And our little setup to watch the meet, here are salt and pepper comparing drinks, who's was the most full! they were having a blast!
 pics were a little out of order here, but just to show how wore out the kids were! yea it was a long day!
 This is a pic of the sun I took, kinda sweet huh! it has a rainbow around it! It was amazing, maybe you fellow idahoans will see it on the news soon, I submitted it :)
 So, I started this summer reading program, and it has really taken off in my family, I got the idea from a friends blog, so thanks emily! So for every 10 pages my kids read, they get a sticker,, and for every 10 stickers they get a treat! they have been reading like CRAZY!!! its amazing I should have done it during school, lol.
 look joey is acutally reading a book, not my first choice in books, but a book!!!
Here are our reading charts, and our prize jars, fun, fun, fun, the kids are so going to be ready for school next year!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

so out of the blogging mode but I'm trying!!!

So I am a little bit late, but I am trying to get better! I haven't been in to mood to blog lately, in fact I haven't taken many pics at all lately, I am in a big funk! I am trying to pull myself out of it, we will see! but anyway, Here are my adorable kiddos at their kindergarten graduation, they made it!!! Jason giving his part..... 
 Abby getting her diploma....she looks nervous, but I'm sure deep down she was excited.
 Jason just wanted to get his cookie and go home. ...
 Here are the graduates, they are looking happy now :)
 Here are the graduates with their kindergarten teacher! proud moment! I am so proud of them, it was a rough year, Abby struggled with her routine, she loves having a routine, and when it changes, she has a hard time, and school does not always stay the same, so she has had to learn to adjust a bit, but she did quite well, she is reading,and loving it! Jason, is also reading, however his problem was with being silly too much, and not wanting to come in from recess! goofball, I think he learned that from his brothers, but he is being sent to first grade!!!! good luck first grade teachers ;)
 And then on to some crazy stuff, we decided to make homeade popcorn, in a pan, well I wasn't checking over the boys as they started it, and they put A LOT of kernals in the pan so when it started poping they had to be ready with bowls for when it started poping over!!!! but all in all it was fun, and a learning experience.
 Jason didn't want to get too close! he found the perfect place to watch.
 Now please don't judge my cleaning skills, this room is down in the basement, I don't even go downt there then entire winter because its too cold, but the kids love it because thats where they watch movies, year round, they take sleeping bags, and hang out there, cold or not, this was before I cleaned it, so sorry about the HUGE mess!!! Alli and her cute friend Morgan had been practicing for a show to put on for us, it was adorable!!! They worked so hard it was so much fun!
 And their outfits were adorable, they danced to justin beiber, ymca, chicken dance, all the goodies, we were so entertained!!! so much fun.
And to wrap up this crazy post, here are our 3 kittens jason is so in love with them. They reside under our shed. and only come out once in a while. but they are so much fun!
 Well as for everything else, we are all hanging in there, we have put our house up for sale, Brian has been in and out of work for most of this year, and we have decided that we need to go where work is more steady, and where brian can be home every night! hard decision, but we feel its the right one. So crazy life changes, but I guess thats what we all go through. Its been rough, and I am sure it will get harder before it gets easier. I just am looking forward to that silver lining around the black cloud!!!