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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flowers and haircuts

 We went for a drive today to get out of the house for a while, and found this hill covered in sunflowers, I HAD to take a picture, so I sent all my kids up the hill and this is what I got!! I thought it was pretty cute!
 Don't know what it is lately but my big boys insist on wearing camo ALL THE TIME, so of course I find a great place for pics and my boys are in camo..... oh well what do you do huh.
 They still look pretty good!
 Alli LOVED the big flowers! she was having the most fun.
 Abby with her little flower. She was having so much fun running around.
 Jason had a hard time looking at the camera because of the sun. but I love this pic anyway because it just showes off his expressive eyebrows :)
Haircuts finally!! they are hard to see because Jason is obsessed with rubbing his own, and daddys (and now joeys) head!! He loves that fuzzy feeling.


Goodwin Family said...

Love all the flowers! You'll have to tell me where you found them! Cute pictures!

Cathy said...

Very cute pictures!and a fun time.

Jamie Bowcutt said...

Such cute kids!!