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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

joey turns 12!!

 Wow, how did this happen, my baby boy turned 12!!! That went by so fast. He is quite the young man now. He is always entertaining us, always keeping us on our toes, and always keeps us running. He is still swimming and doing very well. His last swim meet, he did 4 events, and took 3 first places, and a third. He was amazing. He also played basketball this year, and possibly because he was a foot taller than everybody else, but he really did a great job at that too, and of course he LOVED that. He is into music, goofing off, and of course girls! He loves basketball, baseball, swimming, and running. He is a great kid!!
 Here he is opening up all his presents. ( I am pretty sure he liked them)

 He informed me the night before his birthday that he wanted an ice cream cake, well normally this would not be a problem, even living in downey, brian and i  had planned to run up to pocatello while my babies were in kindergarten, and we would still be there to pick them up by noon. So we ran up there, did our shopping timed it perfect so we could go to cold stone to get the cake right before we left to go home so it wouldn't melt, pulled into the parking lot,  got ready to run in and get the cake and realized it didn't open till noon!!!! FREAK!!! Now what we had to leave to get the little ones, and no cake for joey, well thank goodness I have a great friend that just happens to work in pokey who is willing to shop for me who stopped and bought it for us on her way home from work, so Jennie to the rescue! (thanks again jennie) we had cake to celebrate! And Joey loved it!

 Momma and the birthday boy!
 Joey counting out his birthday money out of the money bag. The kid with the HUGE hands got almost $18.00. Its crazy!
 And here is our cute little, well not so little family all ready for church, where Joey was ordained a Deacon. My little baby boy recieved the priesthood. He sure is growing up. I am so proud of him! What a great kid.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy st. patricks day :)

 I have always LOVED st. patricks day ever since I was little, and that sneaky leprchaun always turned our milk green, and all sorts of other crazy stuff. So of course with my own kids every year we always have to wear as much green as possible. so here is z-man wearing his lucky shirt :)
 And my darling opposite children, Joey and Alli hard to believe they are only 14 months apart, hehehe, wearing their adorable green!
 And of course salt and pepper, wearing thier lucky shirts, they all looked so adorable! and none of them got pinched great job kids!
 So every year we set a trap and try to catch the leprechauns, so this was our trap this year, we set a cookie in it to try and intice the sneaky guy into our awesome trap! the kids tried to keep and eye on it!
 oh yea this is my totally awesome treats I made, way yummy!
 But that sneaky leprechaun must have snuck in when we weren't looking!!! He stole the cookie, left us a bunch of treats, and got out of the trap before it caught him, how does he do that!!!!!
 Jason was so confused, but very happy! They all loved their treats.
And here is our dinner, I made stew with biscuits, and of course the biscuits were GREEN!! and green lemonade, I also found some fun straws that were florescent and the florescent part went up and down as you drank, I think the kids were more interested in that then eating!! but it was a fun night!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my thumb does not have a cold!!!

So although it must be true that joints can get viruses, colds per say, it seems that after almost 2 1/2 months mine has not. It has not been getting better, so I went back to the dr. on an unrelated incident, and let him know that it was not getting over its cold, and he decided to go ahead and do some further investigating. we did and x-ray, it seemed to be ok. and some blood work, and there is where the problem comes in. My RA level is elevated. which helps to determine if you have rheumatoid arthritis. So what this means exactly I am not 100% sure, I am being sent to a specialist in logan, and we will go from there! So I will take one day at a time, and see what comes next! Thanks to all my blogging friends for being my sounding boards!!! Sometimes it helps to just write it all out. I look at my kids and know that they sure aren't going to be my sounding boards so here I sit with my fingers on the keyboards and this is what you get. I am not even sure what I feel yet. I am optimistic that medicine has come a long way, and there is always something that can be done now, I just have to find where I fit in! So I will find out when my new appt is and keep you all up to date! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

being a mom isn't quite what I expected

Ok so when my kids were little ones I have to say I think I was a pretty good mom, sure I was tired, but I felt like I could handle things and I think I did a pretty good job, I did crafts with my kids, I LOVED just hanging out with them, watching movies giving them baths, laughing at the funny things that they say. my favorite part was the many cuddles that I always got! I could never get enough. I could hold them forever. I want to hold them forever. smell their sweet baby smell. Then sure as the world turns they start getting older! and before I knew It I have a teenager and an almost teenager!!! My daily life consists of arguing with them over doing their homework cleaning their room, don't spend so much time on the computer, get your chores done. And the worst part is, is that Jason would still cuddle with me, and love on me, but the boys have wrestled with him so much and have him so riled up all the time that even he won't cuddle anymore! all my babies have outgrown my needs for babies!!! so where does that leave me? Well I'll tell you it leaves me with a big empty hole! And I am thinking that is where the problem lies. How does a mom move on to the mom of older kids when her heart lies with babies she doesn't have? I have always told brian that when the kids get older he has to take over because I just knew I wasn't going to be able to handle it, but he just isn't here to do that, once again I am forced to figure it out, how to move on to my next mission in life, how to figure out older kids. And without wearing out all the knees of my pants by praying 24/7 I have to get something done!! I have to learn how to be a good mom to these older kids! I need to learn to keep the lines of communication open, I never knew how hard it was to talk to these things we call teenagers!!! (sorry mom and dad) In the wise words of judge judy " how do you know when a teenager is lying-- their mouths are moving" I couldn't believe it was true, till I had one!! and they lie about silly things. but like I said I am trying so hard to figure all this out, and I will figure it out. after all I don't have a choice, they are all growing up right!!! ok, so I have rambled, and I am not sure if it makes sense at all, so if I have confused you all sorry, just move on to the next blog!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

what to do, what to do!

                                                Ok so here is the thing, first of all I so can't figure out this new blog thing since they updated it, I can't write on the top, so until I figure that out I will just start here! so normally I would not post pictures of my very messy house, but I have had bloggers block!!! I haven't taken pics of my cute kids, even though they have done cute things I'm sure, I have been wanting to blog, but I have been sitting around not sure what to blog about. So as I sit around in a slump, I look around my house and find a few things that I have been wanting to declutter that I have been wanting to work on all winter, and have been putting off, so I figure if I humiliate myself and put pics on my blog, I might actually clean them!!!!! so the pic above is the kids computer and my file cabinet, that just needs to be cleaned REAL BAD!

 This pic is in my dining room in the corner by my back door, kind of the catch all place, probably because it is out of sight from the main area of the house, most of this stuff just needs to be taken downstairs, but it is so cold so I can just make the boys take it :)
 ok, so yes I am guilty of just throwing things on top of the fridge! who doesn't do this???? but yea, I need to clean it bad!
 And this is the top of the awesome coat-rack my dad built for me, well the top gets really cluttered, and it bugs me, so this is a project for me!!!
 I threw this pic in just to let you all know that I am going to try to talk my kids into no more toys in the tub!! They are old enough right?????
 And this even though it is in a cupboard it bugs bad! this is in my girls bathroom, it way needs to be organized so yep, that is on the list!
And yep, this is the crazy woman, totally lost her mind, out of control, crazy, loopy, needs psyciatric help woman who will be completing the above cleaning in the next week! wish me luck!