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Thursday, March 3, 2011

what to do, what to do!

                                                Ok so here is the thing, first of all I so can't figure out this new blog thing since they updated it, I can't write on the top, so until I figure that out I will just start here! so normally I would not post pictures of my very messy house, but I have had bloggers block!!! I haven't taken pics of my cute kids, even though they have done cute things I'm sure, I have been wanting to blog, but I have been sitting around not sure what to blog about. So as I sit around in a slump, I look around my house and find a few things that I have been wanting to declutter that I have been wanting to work on all winter, and have been putting off, so I figure if I humiliate myself and put pics on my blog, I might actually clean them!!!!! so the pic above is the kids computer and my file cabinet, that just needs to be cleaned REAL BAD!

 This pic is in my dining room in the corner by my back door, kind of the catch all place, probably because it is out of sight from the main area of the house, most of this stuff just needs to be taken downstairs, but it is so cold so I can just make the boys take it :)
 ok, so yes I am guilty of just throwing things on top of the fridge! who doesn't do this???? but yea, I need to clean it bad!
 And this is the top of the awesome coat-rack my dad built for me, well the top gets really cluttered, and it bugs me, so this is a project for me!!!
 I threw this pic in just to let you all know that I am going to try to talk my kids into no more toys in the tub!! They are old enough right?????
 And this even though it is in a cupboard it bugs bad! this is in my girls bathroom, it way needs to be organized so yep, that is on the list!
And yep, this is the crazy woman, totally lost her mind, out of control, crazy, loopy, needs psyciatric help woman who will be completing the above cleaning in the next week! wish me luck!


Jodi said...

I wish you good luck! If your house is anything like mine, you will clean and organize all that stuff and in a few days it will all be back! The people I live with don't seem to be as concerned about cleanliness and organization as I am! I'm trying hard to be patient and work with them, but it's a tough business!:) Now I know what my mom was going on and on about all those years ago!

Goodwin Family said...

At least your Barbie's have clothes on them! :) I sit here at the computer and look at the mess and it just makes me depressed! I'm with Jodi, the people that live here aren't to concerned about it either!

The Holt's said...

Isn't it funny how those little things bug you? My kitchen pantry and bathroom drawers were soooo bad a few wks ago. I couldn't stand it. I finally cleaned it (only took a few) and then felt so much better. I think I"ll copy the idea to get some motivation soon! Look for it.....

Tricia said...

Here is one thing I am trying REALLY hard to teach my kids. I learned it from my organizing guru friend. "If things are clean and organized you have Happy Mommy...if they are messy and unorganized you have VERY VERY UNHAPPY AND GRUMPY MOMMY" which would you prefer? It is working a teeny tiny bit. So, far the youngest 2 are sold and have kept their rooms clean almost every day for 6 weeks. If only I could get the 10 and 11 year old to catch on and get all 4 of them to catch on for the whole house. I would be soooooo much happier!

Nichols Family said...

Okay, so even though our messy houses and kids make us nuts, apparently Kami is the craziest of the 3 of us. Rachel looked at your picture and said "she looks crazy, is that Aunt Kami?"

Good luck,

Cathy said...

You are too cute!! I think we all have those kind of pictures in our house. When you start on your projects make sure you have plenty of Diet Pepsi, and chocolate. It sure helps me! Have fun.