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Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy st. patricks day :)

 I have always LOVED st. patricks day ever since I was little, and that sneaky leprchaun always turned our milk green, and all sorts of other crazy stuff. So of course with my own kids every year we always have to wear as much green as possible. so here is z-man wearing his lucky shirt :)
 And my darling opposite children, Joey and Alli hard to believe they are only 14 months apart, hehehe, wearing their adorable green!
 And of course salt and pepper, wearing thier lucky shirts, they all looked so adorable! and none of them got pinched great job kids!
 So every year we set a trap and try to catch the leprechauns, so this was our trap this year, we set a cookie in it to try and intice the sneaky guy into our awesome trap! the kids tried to keep and eye on it!
 oh yea this is my totally awesome treats I made, way yummy!
 But that sneaky leprechaun must have snuck in when we weren't looking!!! He stole the cookie, left us a bunch of treats, and got out of the trap before it caught him, how does he do that!!!!!
 Jason was so confused, but very happy! They all loved their treats.
And here is our dinner, I made stew with biscuits, and of course the biscuits were GREEN!! and green lemonade, I also found some fun straws that were florescent and the florescent part went up and down as you drank, I think the kids were more interested in that then eating!! but it was a fun night!!!


Jodi said...

Fun! Did you get a new dining room table? It looks great!

Carroll family said...

we have had that one for a while now thats the one that replaced the one we broke lol, it is so nice to have one big enough for all of us, now if only we had enough chairs :) maybe I can build a bench......

Lisa said...

AWESOME! You are seriously the best mom ever!

Lisa said...

Oh... and your comment about building a bench? Check out She has all the specs and plans for building all kinds of furniture.

Carroll family said...

thanks lisa, I will check that out :)