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Friday, October 12, 2012

Sometimes we are stronger than we think

Back in April when the Dr.s were trying to figure out for sure if it was my gallbladder that was going wacky, I was undergoing a bazillion tests, did you know that was a number, cause it is. And in one of those bazillion tests, they found a tumor on my adrenal gland. They decided not to remove it at that time because it is not an easy surgery. They wanted to keep an eye on it by doing a CT scan every 6 months or so to see if grows or changes, and if it does then they would remove it. So for the last 6 months I have been thinking constantly of this tumor in my body wondering if it was growing how big it was, if it is cancerous, what my future held. It is amazing how long 6 months is. So I went in for my CT scan just got my results......and it shrunk!!! wow, I did not realize how scared I really was and how consuming it had been in my thoughts. But now, I only have to go in every year to make sure it does not start growing again. GREAT NEWS!!! just wanted to share. Prayers really do get answered.

Monday, October 8, 2012

black eye, bumps, nerds, and oh my!

 Ok so these glasses have been the fun of the house for the last few weeks. Here is Jason and his bear being adorable!
 my big 7 month old he sure wasn't liking the grass at all.
 what a cutie! love my zan man.
 trying to be like daddy! maybe a little too much.
 Miss abby was running around at recess and tripped and hit the slide and gave herself a great big black eye! her eye swelled shut and she was miserable for a day or so. but she sure can show off those lovely lashes!
 zanders rash when we found out he was allergic to amoxicillian. poor baby we had to get him a new perscription for his double ear infection.

 Ok, here are the lovely glasses again! bringing out the best in the carroll boys from grandpa, through brian down to joey! oh my! proud moments! what a bunch of goobers.
 I know I know how embarassing!!! an underware picture! but it was so adorable how he fell asleep. jason was so tired he just went to bed and this is how I found him like 30 seconds later!
 This weekend we celebrated our 17th anniversary so I bought 17 balloons, and yes I found out there was a helium shortage, crazy huh, so I had to go to 2 different stores, to get that many balloons, and I put a memory at the bottom of each balloon, some of them were: the time were were leaving for church and brian wanted to hurry and eat a gogurt and pushed it up and all over his nice white shirt! another is when we went to lake powell and he came out of the bathroom wearing  combat boots a cowboy hat, and a swimsuit that looked like it was from 7th grade, and I still married the guy! another memory is when I was pregnant with zach, and I had a crazy craving for tuna fish sandwiches in the middle of the night and we got up, made the sandwiches, and ate them in bed together. there are so many fun memories! and coming up with 17 of them was a blast! happy 17th babe.
 so this is our new place. I have been promising pics forever,  we are loving our new place, the kids are doing great. and having a lot of fun.
 This is my fun little front porch. I am loving being able to decorate it.
 and my little halloween decorations in my entryway.
 this little candle my parents brought back from their trip on the church tour, is a "dating candle" when a young man comes to our house to see our daughter we decide how much we like him, and thats how high up we spin the candle and then light it, when the candle burns down that much, the young man has to leave! I love it. I am so going to use this when alli starts to date!
And this little project I made a few years ago, but I am going to remake a few of them this year, I love halloween!