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Monday, September 27, 2010

fort in the front yard!!

Jason wanted me to build him a fort in the front yard yesterday, well, Alli and her friends built them all one yesterday, but it was almost bed time so they only got to play in it for a little while. But they had so much fun!! Peek-a- boo.
The three muskateers.

Then today after school he was begging me to rebuild the fort, so voila.... we re did the fort!

And look at that smile!

They absolutley loved it!! And have been playing in it all afternoon!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

fun family game!

Well, my kids think its a form of child abuse, but I just thought it was TOTALLY FUNNY!
If you are looking for a great family game, this is a good one. I know you can find it online, but I also saw it in that new candy store by costco in pocatello for my fellow downey friends. We played it for family night the other night. Well not the 2 little kids, cause that would just be mean, but the 3 older kids played and Brian did, and I laughed till my belly hurt! You spin the little spinner thing, and whatever color you land on, you pick out of those jelly beans, but some of those are good,and some are nasty, like the juicy pear or a booger, peach or barf, which one will you pick???

These are the faces of the nasty ones! And of course the ones that made me laugh the hardest!

eww is that dog food???

Hmnmm skunk spray or black licorice? I'm thinking you got the skunk spray!

Do I have to eat it???
Yea it was pretty funny!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I know, I am so backwards again!!! Will I ever get it right!!! Oh well We actually rode the train first, then went to park city to go on the alpine slide!! It was soooo much fun. The kids LOVED IT, well most of them, Abby was very aprehensive about it, riding the ski lift, and going down the great big huge slide! But she did it! Here she is with dad and Jason on the ski lift heading up to the top! Everytime the ski lift got stopped she would scream! I am thinking she has a big fear of heights!
And right behind us were the 3 stooges, they were so funny to watch, they had a lot of fun, but I think they were pretty nervous too.

And we are off!! Zach, daddy and Abby getting ready to go down, down, down!! I so wish I was in front of them, because Abbys face was priceless,and I wanted a picture of it so bad. when I say she was scared, it is an understatement! She was terrified, she had a deathgrip on brians arm! But once the ride started she changed her mind, she did have a great time! But I am bummed I couldn't get a pic of her face! It was pretty good!

And if front of me, were grandpa,( I mean Joey,) and alli. Alli caught up with joey pretty quick, and me and Jason caught up with alli real quick, it was so funny, I was cheering them on trying to get them to hurry up!

And here are me and JJ. ready to go!

Daddy, Abby, and Zach walking from the ski lift to the top of the slide!
The kids had so much fun the first time that they actually talked daddy into a second ride (like that was hard to do) so dad took JJ the second time, and I got to take Abby, so here are dad and JJ ready to go!

The boys went down the slower side so I didn't get a pic of them on the second run (big chickens)
But at least they had a good time and that is what matters right!!

But my allicat was ready to go down the fastest side! she loved it! she is my rollercoaster, fast ride baby! show no fear!! thats my alli!
So that was our labor day weekend!
whew, no wonder I am so tired!

So we decided to take the kids to Heber to ride the Heber Creeper. We had a blast, the kids, I am not so sure, they were a little bored, but I think the thought it was ok.
This is Jason at the very end of the 3 hour ride!

This is the train we were riding on. And some of the scenery. It was beautiful that day!

labor day weekend

Here are my joey and alli, miss Alli is still eating her lunch! We had to ride in the closed car on the way up the mountain, but on the way down, we were able to go in the open car. And here are daddy and Alli! Lovin the ride.

Zach and Abby checking things out, this was the open car on the way down. It was a lot more fun, because you could hang out more and it felt so good!

and last but not least me and JJ.

Here are the kids if front of the train when they first found out exactly what we were doing. They were pretty excited.

I however was a little bummed. When we first bought the tickets, we were told that on this particular ride that the "fun" part of it was that it was an authentic "train robbery" ride, that cowboys would acutally rob the train while we were on it. However come to find out they stopped the train robberies 2 days earlier, so we just got the scenic tour, thats why the kids were a little bored! Oh well, you know the saying... the best layed plans..... thats the story of my life!
But we had fun anyway!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Well, I knew it would happen one day, and it will continue to happen, but I don't have to like it. My baby boy had a birthday! It seems like just yesterday we were coming to terms with the fact that our life plans were changing, and that our little family of 5 was going to be a family of 6, we were so stunned, and so excited! And now we couldn't imagine life without our JJ.
But now, he is 5, and in school, growing up so big, becoming so independant! I am not ready to let go, but enough of me boobing! On to the birthday celebrations! Not the best picture, but he really was excited to open the presents from aunt Kami and grandpa roy and grandma sally.
Trying to show that he likes to open cards!

Here is my little man, hanging out, trying to chill before opening all his presents!
This kid has the most infectious smile. It makes my day, every day!

and oh yea, its was almost all transformer stuff ( I so don't understand transformer stuff!) But he loves it.

jason turns 5

Opening his new game!

JJ playing with his toys! I love that smile!

And the year of the pie in the face, I wasn't too sure if he was going to laugh or cry, but thank goodness, he laughed! It was pretty cute, we have now officially got each and every one of our kids on their birthdays!

And of course the transformer cake! This is the cake that he has been asking for FOREVER!
It is also the same cake he had last year, but that didn't matter to him, he had to have a transformer cake~