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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

 ok, so I know I put up this pic of me pregnant before, but I have to say, I am amazed every day when I look at my little baby that not that long ago he was squished inside me, lol. Where did he fit??? The pregnant picture is of me just 2 short weeks before I delivered. And then he was here. We are having so much fun with little Zander. He is quite the loved little guy. Although I will say he has given the kids what I call "baby ADD" they want to hold him so they do, then they pick him up, hold him for less then a minute, then put him down or hand him off, and they keep doing this all evening long, poor Zander is going to get motion sick. But at least he knows he is loved.
 Jason loves to hang out with his baby brother, he reads to him, shows him how to color, and play games on dads iphone.
 Abby is pretty amazed with little Zander, she is finally feeling better so she can hang out with him :) she likes to give him kisses on top of his head! And read him lots of books.
 Hard to believe that there is only 12 short years between these two boys! Joey is quite protective of his Z.J. He loves to hold him, and has a very calming touch with him, which I am so grateful for.
 And Zach loves to comb his hair, this is the little "brush" -yes its a toothbrush that they gave us at the hospital, It must be zach's obsession with hair that makes him like to keep zanders so handsome, but I think zach has taken it upon himself to do just that!
And I know that this is not my best pic, I am just dying for the weather to get warmer so we can go outside and take some fun pics, but I really wanted to get all 6 of my kids in 1 picture, so here they are..... All of my little cuties in 1 picture. It took almost 3 weeks to do it, but I finally did it. hopefully I can do it again soon. Sure is a good lookin bunch of kids. We haven't been doing much of anything, just figuring out schedules, keep everyone happy and healthy, I am feeling pretty good, still fighting a daily migraine, but controling it somewhat, but I am able to funciton to the point that my house is somewhat clean, I actually cook once in a while, and I almost feel ready to start working out :) I am just needing it to start warming up. So ready for spring. I am still wrapping my head around my new life, I may be doing this for a while, and then again I may never figure it out, but thats ok too. I am ok with never figuring it out, as long as we are happy!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

happy valentines day!!!

 daddy and his little buddy! they love hanging out together! this little guy gets passed around so much, but when daddy gets a hold of him he tries hard to hang on to him!!!

 I got to get out of the house the other day and hang out at my mom and dads just to get a little breather. it was so nice just to not have to look at my messy house for a whole day :)  This little guy had to meed his great grandmas, and great aunt!!! they drove down to meet him that day, we had such a great and relaxing day. I so look forward to doing it again really soon. Here is Zander with aunt bonnie.
 And Bonnie's granddaughter kylie, she loved the little baby. Here she is giving him a little hug. (but she had to keep her eye on him)
 great grandma bowcutt, getting ger cuddles in. I can't remember exactly, but she said something about this being great grandkid # 36 or something like that..... wow that is amazing!!!!!!  And great grandma heaton, I think her great grandkid count is in the #40's what amazing women!!! I love them all so much!!! And I love seeing them hold my little munchkin.
 Here is the poster we made for brian for valentines day, to surprise him, He loved it, although the kids don't quite understand that they don't get to help eat it all, (I'm sure brian will share anyway) but so far he is keeping most of it to himself, and eating it very slowly!!
And this is what we made for jason and abbys class for valentines. they loved handing them  out and getting such a great reaction! It made them so proud!!! I didn't get a pic of alli's but she did a bottled water, with a valentine label, and a flavor pouch that she put her own label on that said "love juice" it was SO CUTE!!! we had a great valentines day, I even got flowers!!! I was so surprised!! between having the baby and valentines day, I got 3 bunches of flowers, I have never got so many flowers. I feel totally spoiled. what a lucky girl I am!
Today is also the day my little sweet baby boy turnes 2 weeks old, I take him in, so I will fill you in on all the details later :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

The story of Zander Jax

Well for those of you who do not want to want to know all the lovely details of the last week or so, feel free to not read on, but I use this blog as kind of a family journal, and so I am detailing the story of our little man's birth. Well not all the gory details, but the main points. I think I left off when I was a total psyco mom, and fired my ob! wow was I really that crazy, yep I was, and yep the best decision I ever made. the new dr.  sent me in for an amnio, which came back "mature" kinda funny that your baby is mature. So my wonderful new dr. called labor and delivery and got me the first available induction, which was for thursday february 2, and it was only tuesday afternoon, I had a day and a half to wait, but I could do this!!!! then I could work on getting rid of this blasted migraine! So I went on with my day, took a nap, got up made dinner, did my "mom"chores, and went to bed. The next day, I think nerves made my headache even worse, plus I had to go to parent teacher conference. But that turned out great! I have pretty awesome kids. Couldn't sleep at all that night, nervous, excited, ready!!!!! Got up, got the the kids ready for school, grandpa came up to see them off on time, and off we went..... we had a fun surprising little snowstorm. Showed up at the hospital, got signed in, and waited, and waited, it took about an hour and a half to get started. And of course my first question.... when can I get my epidural???? she said whenever, lol, I told her I would wait a few minuets. literally. after a few contractions, I figured, why wait. I went ahead and got it. Unfortunatally it didn't work. well, my legs were numb, but I could feel every contraction, and  I was stuck at a "6" from around 12:00 till 4:00ish. after a few hours I ended up with a massive migraine and another epidural. But around 4:30 (yes it was a long day) my dr decided to break my water, and get things moving. so brian decided to go to the car and get his phone charger and in that 2 min. window that he was gone, I changed, to complete, and ready to deliver!!!!!! I was like, Um I just don't have a husband yet....... hope he hurries..... well he did, and our little Zander was born at 4:38. And brian was there for it. barely. The feelings were so different with this baby. With all that has happened during the pregnancy I almost was in true denial until the moment of birth, and when I saw that little baby for the first time, it really hit me, It was truly amazing. God works in amazing ways, and he has something very wonderful in store for this little guy and our family! And I thank him every day for our miracles! And I thank all our family and friends for their love and friendship, AND FOOD! you are all wonderful. thank you so much. Our not so little family is very much complete now. (with plans to make this permanent in just a few short weeks ;) So thanks again for all your well wishes, and all your support!
And just a small side note, on how we came up with zander jax, he is our 6th child, we have 2 that start with a, 2 that start with j, and 1 that started with z, so we were trying to come up with a z name, then all of our kids have a "j"in either thier first or middle name, so we also needed a j name. so just for fun I said we should just call him "z j" well it stuck, the kids started calling him zj, then we came up with jax, which we all liked, and zander just came to us, and stuck!!! not much of a story, but its our story and we are stickin to it! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a very happy february

Well, as you all know from my last several posts, the last few months, (well, years, but we won't go that far back) have been very difficult. I don't need to go into all the gory details of my life, but I will say february will have a very bright spot. Tomorrow is the day we get to meet our little baby!!! As I sit here on my last full day of being pregnant, EVER, (yes I am taking care of buisness after this one) I am trying to soak it all in. This pregnancy has been so difficult I haven't really been able to enjoy much of it. So as I sat here rubbing my big belly and getting kicked back, I realize I will miss that a lot. This little guy has been a mover and a shaker, and it has been fun to be the one to experience that. I also will miss my curly hair, I don't know how it happened but my very straight hair became naturally curly with this pregnancy. The other positive thing is, is that since I became pregnant, a lot of my allergies to food has gone away, I have been able to enjoy some fruit, and some foods with eggs in them, it has been wonderful! so thank you baby for helping me out a bit!  I have been so busy especially since we moved, then in the last month and a half with back labor pains, and migraines that won't go away,  that I haven't had a chance to really think about actually bringing home this baby. And the fact that there will be a baby, I did not just get fat!! sometimes it is a little overwhelming to consider the fact that tomorrow I will be holding my baby. I am so excited. I am really really looking forward to this. ( and a nice peaceful hospital stay while brian takes care of the other kids) with older kids I think in terms of school, and to think that I get the kids off to school tomorrow, then have a baby, come home the next day, but make sure I am home by 1;00 so we can pick the kids up from school, then welcome to life with 6 kids. It will be crazy from there. But I think I am ready. But ready or not here he comes!!! And for those of you who have been following my babys progress, at the amnio yesterday, then did the ultrasound, and think he is right around 6 lbs. we will see how close they are :) They figure that he hasn't grown past 34 weeks, (so yea he would have been a big baby if he kept growing) so its time. I will hopefully be able to post soon so you can all meet our little one!!! thanks for all our love and support.
(sorry if this is a little back and forth, I have a lot on my mind today)