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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

 ok, so I know I put up this pic of me pregnant before, but I have to say, I am amazed every day when I look at my little baby that not that long ago he was squished inside me, lol. Where did he fit??? The pregnant picture is of me just 2 short weeks before I delivered. And then he was here. We are having so much fun with little Zander. He is quite the loved little guy. Although I will say he has given the kids what I call "baby ADD" they want to hold him so they do, then they pick him up, hold him for less then a minute, then put him down or hand him off, and they keep doing this all evening long, poor Zander is going to get motion sick. But at least he knows he is loved.
 Jason loves to hang out with his baby brother, he reads to him, shows him how to color, and play games on dads iphone.
 Abby is pretty amazed with little Zander, she is finally feeling better so she can hang out with him :) she likes to give him kisses on top of his head! And read him lots of books.
 Hard to believe that there is only 12 short years between these two boys! Joey is quite protective of his Z.J. He loves to hold him, and has a very calming touch with him, which I am so grateful for.
 And Zach loves to comb his hair, this is the little "brush" -yes its a toothbrush that they gave us at the hospital, It must be zach's obsession with hair that makes him like to keep zanders so handsome, but I think zach has taken it upon himself to do just that!
And I know that this is not my best pic, I am just dying for the weather to get warmer so we can go outside and take some fun pics, but I really wanted to get all 6 of my kids in 1 picture, so here they are..... All of my little cuties in 1 picture. It took almost 3 weeks to do it, but I finally did it. hopefully I can do it again soon. Sure is a good lookin bunch of kids. We haven't been doing much of anything, just figuring out schedules, keep everyone happy and healthy, I am feeling pretty good, still fighting a daily migraine, but controling it somewhat, but I am able to funciton to the point that my house is somewhat clean, I actually cook once in a while, and I almost feel ready to start working out :) I am just needing it to start warming up. So ready for spring. I am still wrapping my head around my new life, I may be doing this for a while, and then again I may never figure it out, but thats ok too. I am ok with never figuring it out, as long as we are happy!!


Goodwin Family said...

Love the pictures, Love Zander, Love how much he is loved! Can't wait to see you guys! p.s. Brittanie says Allie's picture is 'way cute' :)

Lisa said...

What a sweet family!!! Zander is adorable. Love you guys!

Jodi said...

Glad things are going well! Everyone looks great and what a cute baby!

Cathy said...

Love your pictures! He is so cute and very loved!

Jeanine & Christian Brown said...

I am so excited for your not so little family. Keep up the great work. you make such a great mom to a group of happy kids.