Carroll family circus

Each new day is a day worth waking up for.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

new, new, new

Ok, so I finally got a computer hooked up!!! I have so missed it. Its amazing how much I need it, lol. So the new house is coming along, I have a lot of organizing to do, and endless amount actually! And I am a bit homesick for idaho! But I am hanging in there. I will get a pic of  everything going on soon, I havent found that connection piece yet! BUT..... I can finally announce, now that family has been told that we will be adding a new little one to our family on valentines day!!! Believe it or not, (most will not) but yes we are pregnant. Scary, exciting, amazing,  and very crazy all at once. But us and the family have taken it quite well so far. The kids are so excited, of course the boys know its a boy, and the girls know its a girl, we will see next month :) More updates later! with pics.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's official!!

I know it seems fast, and it is, trust me, but yes the rumors are true, we are moving! In fact we are moving this weekend. We finally made the decision to get our whole family, (even brian) in the same state, and same house! It has been way too long since we have all been together, and with teenage boys, I need all the help I can get. So although it is truley heartbreaking to leave our beautiful home, and this wonderful town, with all our friends, we feel this is the best decision for us right now!! (does that sound practiced, its what I keep repeating in my head,) This is a very hard move for me, I have so many wonderful friends here, and I hate to leave. I don't know who is more afraid to start over, me or my boys! but we will be just fine! I felt the same when we  moved here, and that turned out to be a good move. And I made lots of friends, so I totally plan on keeping in touch with all of you! Thanks for all your support and love! If any of you want our new address send me a text, or message and I will email it to you :)