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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Swim meet

Joey's first swim meet
Wow what a weekend!
We went to Joey's first swim meet this weekend, and we had a blast. He had 2 qualifing times the first in the backstroke, and the second in the freestyle. His best time was the freestyle which he swam 50 meters in 46.6 seconds. AWESOME!!! I was so proud of him. It was so crowded, and a little weird, It was an outdoor pool, but it had a dome, or an igloo thing over the pool, so it was like a sauna by the end of the day. And they packed us in there like sardines. But overall it was a great experience. And Joey really did great. This is a funny pic of his arm. This is a map to help him keep organized as to which event he is in next, and which heat, and which lane, and so on, it kind of confused me, but after you catch on, I can see how it helps, it made me laugh to see all the kids walking around with sharpie maps on their arms and legs.

And here is my little swimmer I am so proud of what an effort he put out this weekend. He got a little discouraged a few times, but never gave up. What a trooper.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yet another recipe

Yet another recipe!
I found this recipe, I am always looking for something different for the kids for breakfast, and the kids loved this one. It is called mini maple chicolate chip pancake muffins. :) yum! Here is the batter
and of course a few extra chocolate chips for good measure.

and the final look. the kids were popping these in their mouths all day, even with out the syrup! they were so easy!
Here is the recipe.
1 c. flour
1. tsp. baking powder
1/2. tsp baking soda
1/4. tsp. salt
2 tb. sugar
2/3 c. buttermilk
1 egg
2 tb. maple syrup
2 tb melted butter
1/2 cup milk chocolate chips
preheat oven to 350
combine flour baking powder, baking soda, salt and sugar in bowl.
in another bowl, stir buttermilk,egg, syrup, and butter, until just combined.
add wet ing. to dry ing. stir with a spoon till just combined.
stir in chocolate chips reserving some to sprinkle on top.
bake for 8-9min.
makes 24 mini muffins
let cool slightly you may need to use a toothpick around the edges to separate the muffins from the pan serve immediately with warmed butter or even just with maple syurp Or if you are like my kids, just grab them and pop them in your mouth while running around the house :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

If you are at all squeamish turn away from the blog right now, just turn away from the blog....
Ok you didn't turn away so here we go.... I was swimming the other day, and I had on my cute little flippers and I got a blister, but to my surprise it was in the shape of a heart, how cute is that! I actually think that my blister is kinda cute! So yes I took a pic of my heart shaped blister!
And then the story gets funnier. The only bandaid I can find in my house in nemo. So I put the nemo bandaid on, and this morning as I am getting ready for church I put my nylons on, and grab my shoes thinking no problem, my shoes will cover the bandaid... well no they didn't. and I was running late, (I know surprising) so there I was in my nylons, with my cute shoes with my nemo bandaid showing. no denying that I am a mom!

weekend of scouts and basketball

Well the pics are backwards from the posts, thats what happens when you post something, then go back and try to add the picture, I guess I am not smart enough to figure that one out. so this pic of zach goes with the bottom post, and my basketball star #33 is Alli!
Oh and a funny story, Alli couldn't find her basketball shorts, she asked me where her 'nikki' shorts were, I was like what are you talking about 'nikki' then I figured it out NIKE ! Yep, I get it now. kids are so cute!

Well this momma survived a crazy weekend. Alli had her first basketball game. We don't have to go into what the score was (1-30) BUT...... Her team really played an awesome game, and I have to say, My little allicat is quite the powerhouse. She may be an itty bitty but she was pushing around those bigger girls like I couldn't believe. And she has been working on her muscles. she claimes to have a little 'bump' on her arm this year that is allowing her to make a basket! Hopefully she can make one of them baskets during the game, and not just at practice. But I just want to say how proud I am of her.
Zach went on his first scout overnighter. It was the Klondike derby. He had a good time. He had to dig out a sleeping area for himself, and I am not quite sure, but I know that they did a lot of sledding activities, getting information out of a 12 year old is like pulling teeth, which brings me to my next point, he lost a tooth. I know what you are thinking.... scouts.... sleds.... lost tooth, but nope, he lost it eating sweedish fish. funny huh. The acident actually came later when he was laying in his snow fort thing, and somebody was backing a trailer in, and actually backed it over his snow fort with him in it knocking him into the next snow fort, the only injury he has is a small cut,and a black eye, of which he is quite proud. So, not sure how, but we have survived the first scout camp!! Lots of fun things coming up this week. I will keep you posted!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If all else fails BAKE!!!!!

When these long cold dreary January days start to make you think you are crazy, instead of thinking you are crazy, just start baking!! Now these are really fun. Even though they didn't turn out quite perfect I made them egg free so I could eat one, and I just kind of made up my own recipe instead of looking one up, and it fell flat, it tasted good, but it didn't raise, but they are just so darn cute I couldn't resist posting anyway! so here they are! Just take any old cake batter, divide it up, add food color.
spoon into your liners, and bake.

frost and totally enjoy!!!!

mmmmmm mmmmm make me happy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

the answer is around the corner

Generally speaking I am a very upbeat person, I can make lemonade out of all the dumb lemons that keep getting thrown at me. Well I believe I am out of sugar. I took Joey to Salt lake earlier this week to a Rheumotologist (sp. wrong I am sure). We were sure this was going to be the answer. We have been in and out of dr.'s for the last 6 years. Joey just wants to know why he is different from all the other kids, why he can't play basketball, and football, and baseball, and run, like the other boys. We put a lot of hope and faith in this dr. visit. He checked him out, did some blood work, and x rays. Yesterday we found out that every thing came back 'normal' So our family Dr. told us that at Joeys next 3 month check up (Feb) we would discuss the next step. My cynical question is- how many corners can you turn before you crash into that wall for the last time? Where do I draw the line? When do I say My son is just simply different and I will never know exactly know why? Or do I press forward tirelessly and never give up? That is what I am pondering at this time in my life. Along with is the earth truly round? and what should I make for dinner, and should I do the dishes, or the laundry, and should I take a shower or a bubble bath, hmmm this is my crazy life. And I am sure tomorrow will be better. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I know, I know just a couple of weeks ago I was hoping and praying for a white christmas, I was so worried we wouldn't have snow for christmas, well we had snow for christmas!! yea. now I am done, I am ready for the sun, and beach, and to be WARM! I feel like I am cold all the time, and I am just ready to be warm. We all know that in August, I will be whining that its too hot, and I am ready for a good snow storm, but for now I am ready for some sunshine:)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

a day at the spa and a challenging game of chess

WOW model material! How cute is my sassafras. And yes for those of you who noticed, she begged and begged for months for a perm, well, it took two tries for a decent perm, and it finally turned out cute, now she wants me to straighten it every day! GIRLS! thats all I will say on that.
Now this was an intense chess match I am not sure who won, but it was really fun to watch. And Salt really looked like he knew what he was doing. It was fun! and the cheerleader on the side cheering on her brothers! good job pepper.

Sassy got a spa kit for christmas. This was the first thing she wanted to try. a Oatmeal honey facial scrub. Now we all know that you should use cucumbers on your eyes, but we were fresh out of cuces at my house so we used the next best thing.....ritz crackers. Her face was so smooth when she was done you could see it shine for miles! What a beauty!