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Sunday, January 17, 2010

If you are at all squeamish turn away from the blog right now, just turn away from the blog....
Ok you didn't turn away so here we go.... I was swimming the other day, and I had on my cute little flippers and I got a blister, but to my surprise it was in the shape of a heart, how cute is that! I actually think that my blister is kinda cute! So yes I took a pic of my heart shaped blister!
And then the story gets funnier. The only bandaid I can find in my house in nemo. So I put the nemo bandaid on, and this morning as I am getting ready for church I put my nylons on, and grab my shoes thinking no problem, my shoes will cover the bandaid... well no they didn't. and I was running late, (I know surprising) so there I was in my nylons, with my cute shoes with my nemo bandaid showing. no denying that I am a mom!


Cathy said...

Only you could have a heart shaped blister! A cute blister for a cute person. Blisters hurt, I hope being that cute made it feel better! Also your pictures are great of the ballgame.

Jodi said...

I'm so glad Zach is okay!!

Also, I've never seen a heart shaped blister so that is a first -how cute!

Good job to Alli and her team - how fun! Maggie made a basket over at the church the other day and she is still walking on air!!

Nichols Family said...

Nice blister. But, you know "no pain, no gain". Keep up the swimming! I'll bring out my supply of Barbie and Transformer bandaids and we'll mix it up a little. Then we'll really be cool moms!