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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Swim meet

Joey's first swim meet
Wow what a weekend!
We went to Joey's first swim meet this weekend, and we had a blast. He had 2 qualifing times the first in the backstroke, and the second in the freestyle. His best time was the freestyle which he swam 50 meters in 46.6 seconds. AWESOME!!! I was so proud of him. It was so crowded, and a little weird, It was an outdoor pool, but it had a dome, or an igloo thing over the pool, so it was like a sauna by the end of the day. And they packed us in there like sardines. But overall it was a great experience. And Joey really did great. This is a funny pic of his arm. This is a map to help him keep organized as to which event he is in next, and which heat, and which lane, and so on, it kind of confused me, but after you catch on, I can see how it helps, it made me laugh to see all the kids walking around with sharpie maps on their arms and legs.

And here is my little swimmer I am so proud of what an effort he put out this weekend. He got a little discouraged a few times, but never gave up. What a trooper.


Cathy said...

What fun!!! I'm so happy for Joey, he is such a good kid and that smile just melts a person! Way to go, Joey!!!!

Goodwin Family said...

He must have been pretty tired after all of that, he was awfully quiet in primary today! Glad he had fun!

Jodi said...

Great job Joey! I love swimming - I miss it!