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Sunday, January 17, 2010

weekend of scouts and basketball

Well the pics are backwards from the posts, thats what happens when you post something, then go back and try to add the picture, I guess I am not smart enough to figure that one out. so this pic of zach goes with the bottom post, and my basketball star #33 is Alli!
Oh and a funny story, Alli couldn't find her basketball shorts, she asked me where her 'nikki' shorts were, I was like what are you talking about 'nikki' then I figured it out NIKE ! Yep, I get it now. kids are so cute!

Well this momma survived a crazy weekend. Alli had her first basketball game. We don't have to go into what the score was (1-30) BUT...... Her team really played an awesome game, and I have to say, My little allicat is quite the powerhouse. She may be an itty bitty but she was pushing around those bigger girls like I couldn't believe. And she has been working on her muscles. she claimes to have a little 'bump' on her arm this year that is allowing her to make a basket! Hopefully she can make one of them baskets during the game, and not just at practice. But I just want to say how proud I am of her.
Zach went on his first scout overnighter. It was the Klondike derby. He had a good time. He had to dig out a sleeping area for himself, and I am not quite sure, but I know that they did a lot of sledding activities, getting information out of a 12 year old is like pulling teeth, which brings me to my next point, he lost a tooth. I know what you are thinking.... scouts.... sleds.... lost tooth, but nope, he lost it eating sweedish fish. funny huh. The acident actually came later when he was laying in his snow fort thing, and somebody was backing a trailer in, and actually backed it over his snow fort with him in it knocking him into the next snow fort, the only injury he has is a small cut,and a black eye, of which he is quite proud. So, not sure how, but we have survived the first scout camp!! Lots of fun things coming up this week. I will keep you posted!

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Nichols Family said...

Poor Zach! The fire-walker's luck strikes again. He's getting tougher though, right? And, Alli looks so cute out there playing basketball! Go Alli-oop!