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Friday, January 8, 2010

the answer is around the corner

Generally speaking I am a very upbeat person, I can make lemonade out of all the dumb lemons that keep getting thrown at me. Well I believe I am out of sugar. I took Joey to Salt lake earlier this week to a Rheumotologist (sp. wrong I am sure). We were sure this was going to be the answer. We have been in and out of dr.'s for the last 6 years. Joey just wants to know why he is different from all the other kids, why he can't play basketball, and football, and baseball, and run, like the other boys. We put a lot of hope and faith in this dr. visit. He checked him out, did some blood work, and x rays. Yesterday we found out that every thing came back 'normal' So our family Dr. told us that at Joeys next 3 month check up (Feb) we would discuss the next step. My cynical question is- how many corners can you turn before you crash into that wall for the last time? Where do I draw the line? When do I say My son is just simply different and I will never know exactly know why? Or do I press forward tirelessly and never give up? That is what I am pondering at this time in my life. Along with is the earth truly round? and what should I make for dinner, and should I do the dishes, or the laundry, and should I take a shower or a bubble bath, hmmm this is my crazy life. And I am sure tomorrow will be better. :)


Goodwin Family said...

how frustrating! I hope you get some answers soon!!

Cathy said...

I'm sorry Mindi, I know it can be so frustrating when you don't get some kind of answer. If we can help in any way let us know. Also, I always go for the bubble bath.:D

Jodi said...

check your email - I sent you something!

Nichols Family said...

Whatever the docs say, we all know how special Joey is. He has a sense of humor that no one can resist, and he has always been unforgettable. I still have people talk about how fun he was at my wedding 8 years ago! Whatever challenges he faces are only going to make you both stronger and closer.

Oh, and I say spaghetti for dinner. Comfort food.