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Saturday, January 2, 2010

a day at the spa and a challenging game of chess

WOW model material! How cute is my sassafras. And yes for those of you who noticed, she begged and begged for months for a perm, well, it took two tries for a decent perm, and it finally turned out cute, now she wants me to straighten it every day! GIRLS! thats all I will say on that.
Now this was an intense chess match I am not sure who won, but it was really fun to watch. And Salt really looked like he knew what he was doing. It was fun! and the cheerleader on the side cheering on her brothers! good job pepper.

Sassy got a spa kit for christmas. This was the first thing she wanted to try. a Oatmeal honey facial scrub. Now we all know that you should use cucumbers on your eyes, but we were fresh out of cuces at my house so we used the next best thing.....ritz crackers. Her face was so smooth when she was done you could see it shine for miles! What a beauty!


Jodi said...

I'd like to make a spa treatment appointment - I'm especially interested in the effect the ritz crackers will have on my eye wrinkles! ha ha! Also, that game of chess looked very serious and maybe they could teach me how to play because I've never really understood that game! Super cute!

Cathy said...

I'm with Jodi on the Ritz crackers, I think I might try it! Your blog,family, and you are way cute!!!!!!

Wildingkids said...

Sam has been begging for another girls spa night! Gotta love an oatmeal peel!! so refreshing!

Now you understand why I won't give little one a perm....she will hate having her hair brushed more than she already does and then she will be begging me to straighten it so it won't tangle!!! GIRLS!!

Nichols Family said...

Looks like business as usual at the Carroll house! And Alli-oop, I love the hat!