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Monday, February 6, 2012

The story of Zander Jax

Well for those of you who do not want to want to know all the lovely details of the last week or so, feel free to not read on, but I use this blog as kind of a family journal, and so I am detailing the story of our little man's birth. Well not all the gory details, but the main points. I think I left off when I was a total psyco mom, and fired my ob! wow was I really that crazy, yep I was, and yep the best decision I ever made. the new dr.  sent me in for an amnio, which came back "mature" kinda funny that your baby is mature. So my wonderful new dr. called labor and delivery and got me the first available induction, which was for thursday february 2, and it was only tuesday afternoon, I had a day and a half to wait, but I could do this!!!! then I could work on getting rid of this blasted migraine! So I went on with my day, took a nap, got up made dinner, did my "mom"chores, and went to bed. The next day, I think nerves made my headache even worse, plus I had to go to parent teacher conference. But that turned out great! I have pretty awesome kids. Couldn't sleep at all that night, nervous, excited, ready!!!!! Got up, got the the kids ready for school, grandpa came up to see them off on time, and off we went..... we had a fun surprising little snowstorm. Showed up at the hospital, got signed in, and waited, and waited, it took about an hour and a half to get started. And of course my first question.... when can I get my epidural???? she said whenever, lol, I told her I would wait a few minuets. literally. after a few contractions, I figured, why wait. I went ahead and got it. Unfortunatally it didn't work. well, my legs were numb, but I could feel every contraction, and  I was stuck at a "6" from around 12:00 till 4:00ish. after a few hours I ended up with a massive migraine and another epidural. But around 4:30 (yes it was a long day) my dr decided to break my water, and get things moving. so brian decided to go to the car and get his phone charger and in that 2 min. window that he was gone, I changed, to complete, and ready to deliver!!!!!! I was like, Um I just don't have a husband yet....... hope he hurries..... well he did, and our little Zander was born at 4:38. And brian was there for it. barely. The feelings were so different with this baby. With all that has happened during the pregnancy I almost was in true denial until the moment of birth, and when I saw that little baby for the first time, it really hit me, It was truly amazing. God works in amazing ways, and he has something very wonderful in store for this little guy and our family! And I thank him every day for our miracles! And I thank all our family and friends for their love and friendship, AND FOOD! you are all wonderful. thank you so much. Our not so little family is very much complete now. (with plans to make this permanent in just a few short weeks ;) So thanks again for all your well wishes, and all your support!
And just a small side note, on how we came up with zander jax, he is our 6th child, we have 2 that start with a, 2 that start with j, and 1 that started with z, so we were trying to come up with a z name, then all of our kids have a "j"in either thier first or middle name, so we also needed a j name. so just for fun I said we should just call him "z j" well it stuck, the kids started calling him zj, then we came up with jax, which we all liked, and zander just came to us, and stuck!!! not much of a story, but its our story and we are stickin to it! 


Cathy said...

Mindy, he is a cutie! I love his name too. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodwin Family said...

So glad he's here and so glad I got to snuggle him! I love him to pieces!! Feel better and can't wait to see you again!!

Jodi said...

CONGRATS! He's a keeper! Hope all goes well for your recovery!:)

Lisa said...

What a cute name! Love the story! Congratulations!

The Holt's said...

YAY YAY YAY YAY for not being pregoo anymore! You did it!!! :) I hope we get over being sick SOON cuz I really need to come and snuggle him!! Here's to hoping he'll be a great baby for you and you can adjust to life with 6. :) Love you guys more than you know!!!