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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day weekend

Here are my joey and alli, miss Alli is still eating her lunch! We had to ride in the closed car on the way up the mountain, but on the way down, we were able to go in the open car. And here are daddy and Alli! Lovin the ride.

Zach and Abby checking things out, this was the open car on the way down. It was a lot more fun, because you could hang out more and it felt so good!

and last but not least me and JJ.

Here are the kids if front of the train when they first found out exactly what we were doing. They were pretty excited.

I however was a little bummed. When we first bought the tickets, we were told that on this particular ride that the "fun" part of it was that it was an authentic "train robbery" ride, that cowboys would acutally rob the train while we were on it. However come to find out they stopped the train robberies 2 days earlier, so we just got the scenic tour, thats why the kids were a little bored! Oh well, you know the saying... the best layed plans..... thats the story of my life!
But we had fun anyway!

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