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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

joey turns 12!!

 Wow, how did this happen, my baby boy turned 12!!! That went by so fast. He is quite the young man now. He is always entertaining us, always keeping us on our toes, and always keeps us running. He is still swimming and doing very well. His last swim meet, he did 4 events, and took 3 first places, and a third. He was amazing. He also played basketball this year, and possibly because he was a foot taller than everybody else, but he really did a great job at that too, and of course he LOVED that. He is into music, goofing off, and of course girls! He loves basketball, baseball, swimming, and running. He is a great kid!!
 Here he is opening up all his presents. ( I am pretty sure he liked them)

 He informed me the night before his birthday that he wanted an ice cream cake, well normally this would not be a problem, even living in downey, brian and i  had planned to run up to pocatello while my babies were in kindergarten, and we would still be there to pick them up by noon. So we ran up there, did our shopping timed it perfect so we could go to cold stone to get the cake right before we left to go home so it wouldn't melt, pulled into the parking lot,  got ready to run in and get the cake and realized it didn't open till noon!!!! FREAK!!! Now what we had to leave to get the little ones, and no cake for joey, well thank goodness I have a great friend that just happens to work in pokey who is willing to shop for me who stopped and bought it for us on her way home from work, so Jennie to the rescue! (thanks again jennie) we had cake to celebrate! And Joey loved it!

 Momma and the birthday boy!
 Joey counting out his birthday money out of the money bag. The kid with the HUGE hands got almost $18.00. Its crazy!
 And here is our cute little, well not so little family all ready for church, where Joey was ordained a Deacon. My little baby boy recieved the priesthood. He sure is growing up. I am so proud of him! What a great kid.


Wildingkids said...

He's just lucky that I refrained from buying myself a big ol milkshake! Happy Birthday Buddy!

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Joey and Congratulations on getting the Priesthood - that's awesome~!

Lisa said...

I love the family picture! It's adorable! And this post is the first one where I think that Jason looks just like Joey! Congrats to Joey! :)

Cathy said...

Joey looked so nice at church that day, so cool he got the priesthood! Love your family picture!!!

Goodwin Family said...

Love the family picture! Congrats joey!