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Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of july!!

 Our 4th of july was so much fun, I got to hang out at my mom and dads house, and enjoy watching the kids play with their cousins! I also foiund some red, white and blue hair gel for the boys, it was SO fun!

 Alli and Abby with their annual pic by grandmas flowers.
 FOOTBALL!!! the boy cousins playing and having a BLAST!

 And this, I had to take a pic of it, it is not homemade, but so fun I couldn't help myself its a DONUT!!! with red and yellow frosting on it!! how fun is this!!
I had to sneak this one in, jj wanted his own pic on the blog!
p.. those of my friends with blogs, I have been checking them out, but something is wrong with my computer and won't let me comment, so sorry I want to but cant till I get it fixed, sorry!!!! I love you all!


Jodi said...

Looks like a fun weekend!

Goodwin Family said...

Love the hair!! So cool!! :)

Cathy said...

What a fun weekend! Love the hair, and the donut, so cool!