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Friday, July 29, 2011

update on our scouts up at scout camp!!!

ok moms, I got a great update on our boys camping, first of all they are all doing GREAT! there have been no proble,s in camp, the boys are working real hard, and earning a lot of merit badges. Yesterday they went on their hike. They were hiking to table rock, which is about 12 miles round trip. They were going to go up the backside, which is easier, but it was closed. So they went right up the face, which is almost straight up! They had to claw their way up to the top, and they ALL made it. of course with all scouts they made it a competition, the boys who made it first were, justin, bo, jonathan, and zach. When they got to the top, they had to get througth 6' of snow! Im sure they loved it. They headed back down, and it took about 4 hours to get to the bottom. But they all did it. this was such a difficult hike, it is one the boys will never forget! Then after that they had a class to go to, that is all but zach and terrence. they were back at camp and decided to make a peach cobbler for everyone, I guess it turned out BEAUTIFUL. but the boys then acccidentaly dumped it in the dirt, but no fear our scouts are resourceful, they simply scooped it up, put it back in the dutch oven stirred it around a bit, (while jim stood back and laughed) and then that evening with all the boys back at camp, they served it, sticks, dirt and all, and yes, it was eaten! Then there is a battle of the tetons, This is the first year our troop has had a group in the finals, those boys are, jonathon, joey, bo and tayson. so today around 3:30 the finals in this battle will start. all 4 boys get in a canoe, with shields and bucket, and attack the other canoes trying to flood them, the winner is the last canoe floating, I for one am very eccited to hear the outcome of that one. Last night they also had what is called the order of the arrow. this is the first time in 10 years any of our troop have made it! The boys that got to experience this was, jack, jonathon, bo and tayson. It was an awesome ceremony with full indian clothing and official ceremony. today they are playing games. a relay where one scout starts with a 150 yard swim, tags, next runs to the rifle range to hit at target, tags, next runs to the archery area hits a target, tags, then the last has to run and tie a series of knots.
It sounds like they are all having such a great time, Thor said the leaders are good, wore out, but good! He went and bought watermelon for a treat tonight! I think that is it! can't wait to see our boys tomorrow, (and much necessary showers, thor said they all really stink)

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also I forgot to mention, the order of the arrow award, I believe the boys have to sleep alone in the woods with no tent! so extra great job to the boys that did that!!!