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Monday, April 5, 2010

april fools

Happy april fools day!!
This was our goofy attempt at an april fools dinner. I usually go all out, this year, I was tired, so I just did a couple of things. I did meatloaf, with mashpotatoe frosting cupcakes, and chicken nuggets, which were marshmellows covered in peanut butter, and rolled in crushed corn flakes. all in all, it was fun. the older 3 kids were like ok mom whatever, we will humer(sp?) you and just eat it, jason, took one lick of the mashed potatoe frostsing, and put down the cupcake and said he wanted a different kind of cupcake. it was pretty funny, he wouldn't even try the marshmellow nuggets after that. And little abby, she didn't even get the joke, she just loved the dinner. kids are so funny.

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