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Monday, April 19, 2010

Ok, so this last weekend didn't get many pictures, the camera sat in the bottom of my purse through most of the weekend, but you know I guess thats how it goes sometimes! We had a wild and crazy weekend. It started out Saturday morning bright and early for Joey, he had a swim meet in logan. He did so great!! My dad drove up from Salt lake to be with him. He took a first place in the butterfly, and I believe third in freestyle, the rest I can't remember right off (since I wasn't there, ) but he place first, second or third in all 5 events that he entered!!! He did so good! And now on to the reason I wasn't there.....I was in Blackfoot with the girls at a dance competition! AND.. they both took first place with their dances. Abby's little group was so cute, they got a first place, they will get their trophies on friday, And alli's group took first place with a specialty award!! wow it was so exciting. Then... after running all over the place we had to run home get ready really fast, pick up Zach and Jason, head off to salt lake for a cousins wedding. Which as a side note, I have decided that every wedding should have mexican buffet at their wedding.YUM!! best wedding food ever!! Anyway, we were leaving the wedding late sat. night, going out to my burb(our name for my suburban,) put the keys in, and hear that sound nobody wants to hear, that infamous click, then nothing. well to make a long boring story a little shorter. I had to buy an alternater, well my dad did, thanks dad, the checks in the mail right...... WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!!!! seriously. Can we please redo the last part. that was so stressful! And this is right after we had to replace the fuel pump in our car. This is a bad time for vehicles for us. I am thinking someone is telling me to stay home! and I am willing to listen! its just a little thing called a schedule that keeps me going that I just can't ignore! Sorry! I am trying! Whats a girl to do!


Cathy said...

Hey, I know that sound well. I had it not too long ago too. So sorry! On to better so glad Joey did so good as for the girls they we great!!!

Dan Lewis said...

Good job Joey and girls! Mexican buffet - what a great idea! And we can definately sympathize with car trouble - our van needs a whole new motor, the red car has various issues and doesn't run. Our one "reliable" car needs new tires and is making some scary sounds!! Maybe we should all pitch in on a neighborhood vehicle and just share!!
P.S. I'm apparently signed in as Dan - but this is Jodi!! :)

Selena Sorensen Guthrie said...

GO Carroll Family!! They must take after their Mom Right?! ;)