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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

birthday and end of school year stuff

 My baby girl turned 12!!! wow does time fly! Alli is such an amazing beautiful girl! I love her so much. she is such a helpful and wonderful person to have around. And so much fun. Life is never dull with Alli. she just graduated from primary and into young womens! wow. This little puppy cake is what she chose to eat for breakfast for her big day, a girl after my own heart.
 And this is the cake she picked out, I usually make her cake, but with me just having surgery, she allowed me to buy her cake this year, thank goodness!!
 One of her presents was an ipod boom box, she is so happy :)
 we had to get out of the house the other day so we decided to take a tour of the kennecot mines  it was pretty interesting, and the kids had a blast, ( the adults kinda liked it too)
 just me and my boys!
 the whole group! (minus brian who is taking the pic, he is in the pic below)
 I like how alli is chillin
 don't you love how the kids are measuring themselves on the drawing of the dump truck!
 Jason making himself taller.
 Brian reading the manual for his parents t.v. trying to fix it, we were all upstairs wondering what was taking him so long to fix it! hmmmm, I wonder.
 Alli digging in the money bag, I think she got like 8 bucks!! not too bad for her little hands!
 The elementary had a carnival for the end of school party, the next few pics are of the kids having a BLAST at the carnival.  this one is of abby after getting her face painted.
 Alli and Ari, after the face painting.
 jason after the shark slide
 alli climbing up the rock wall
 daddy and zander chillin at the carnival
Alli graduated from elementary!!!! Yea onto Jr. high, ready or not!


Goodwin Family said...

love the pictures!!

Lisa Thomas said...

Happy Birthday! What an awesome day!