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Thursday, November 3, 2011

happy halloween!

 Happy Halloween! I am so happy that the weather stayed nice for trick or treating! It made it a whole lot funner! Here are my munchkins all dressed up. Zach is dressed up as zach, joey is dressed up as zak bagans from the show ghost adventures, alli is my cute little hippie. Abby is a witch with a butterfly on her face from her school party. And jason even though it is the same costume all night, he went from an alligator to a dinosaur to a dragon.
 Getting ready for the trunkortreat.
 abby is ready to go!
 Jason tried to give me a mean face, I just think its adorable.
 These next pics are jj and brian. My dad works at lowes, and he gets those cute little "kid projects" that jason LOVES to do. so here they are making the monster box.

I guess his neck itched, and he used the only thing he had. funny kid.


Jodi said...

Such cute kids - Happy Halloween!

I've heard so much about the projects at Lowe's - I'm thinking we will have to check it out sometime!

Goodwin Family said...

Cute costumes!! I need some of those projects for Matt for Christmas! He would go crazy with them!!