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Thursday, October 27, 2011

pregnancy woes and painting

So I had my 6 month checkup today, with the gluecose test. That test always makes me feel ucky. But I did it, and I am on the borderline, but they are letting it go anyway. Yea!!!! I can still enjoy my occasional sweet, or more than occasional. Baby is doing good, his growth has slown down a bit, so the dr is keeping a close eye on him. but so far pretty good. And I figured I don't have any pics of me pregnant with my other kids so I thought I should start taking some pics :) I know im not that big yet, I have what I call a spine hugger, I am totally uncomfortable because he is hugging my spine all the time. And there is not all that much room to eat! I take 4 bites of dinner and I get full, sometimes I wish my belly would just pop out so I could eat, lol.

 Another lovely aspect of my pregancy is I needed to get reading glasses. The dr is sure my perfect eyesight will come back after baby is born, hopefully! we shall see.
 Ok, here are my ugly house pics, this is the poop brown color that was in my laundry room and bathroom, pretty gross huh.
 laundry room
 bathroom. I know they are out of order, I am brain dead today, the after pics of bathroom and laundry room are down below.
 the boys painting their room. Needless to say, they did one wall, and I finished the room! Crazy boys.
 Jason decided he wanted to help the big brothers.
 After :) Not too bad huh. the blue is so relaxing. This is zachs little corner.
 and this is joeys corner. thank goodness I have a picture, cause it has never been this clean again.

 My kitchen, I painted it the same yellow as my old house hoping I will like the kitchen a bit more if the color was the same.
 Bathroom after pics. so clean and fresh!!!
 laundry room, I had to leave the poop brown color because I couldn't move out the washer and dryer, in fact to get them in we had to take out a door frame, so I painted the top half and added the border, it helps soooooo much!
 And finally alli's room, yes the green is as bright as it looks, maybe even brighter! It is such a happy room.
So far that is it, I still have to paint abby and jasons room, my room the family room, the movie room, and the living room, plus 2 more bathrooms. but all that overwhelmes me, so one at a time right. if anyone feels like painting, feel free to give me a call, lol. I take any and all volunteers, well except teenage boys.


Wildingkids said...

It looks like you dyed your hair without me =(

The painting is lookin good!!

Miss you!!!

Goodwin Family said...

Love the paint it looks great! And you look amazing! Love the glasses! :)

Carroll family said...

I had to dye my hair, the stress is turning me gray, in fact, I was frustrated doing it by myself I ruined my shirt, and was cursing the fact u weren't here to help me out! No fun doing it alone :( miss u too. Can't hardly believe its almost november, I am sooooo on the countdown! My back it killing and I have been getting charlie horses in my legs all night, the thrills of pregnancy :)

Jodi said...

HOLY SMOKES girl! Where did you put that baby??? You are still so skinny! The minute I say the word pregnant my belly pops out!:) Hope things go well - you're on the downhill slide now!

The house looks great too!:)

Cathy said...

I can't see no baby there Miss Skinny! You have been busy the paint looks great!!!

Lisa said...

You are amazing!!!! I can't believe you did all that painting! We're still taking forever on the few trim pieces we have been working on for months. :) And you are SO SUPER SKINNY! I'm the same as Jodi - I pop out the minute I thing pregnant. :)