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Friday, October 14, 2011

life is sometimes a big headache!

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while, I thought I would catch everyone up a little. The move was and is a bit much for me, I am surviving, but wish I could feel settled. I feel anything but!!! I am missing my friends, in fact I ordered a big order of french frys for lunch the other day to honor my idaho friends :) I really miss all of you! I have been very busy painting and organizing and reorganizing, on top of running kids everywhere, and dealing with pregnancy and headaches. Which leads me to what I did yesterday.... but to back up a bit, my OB refused to treat my headaches, which is a little frustrating, so I went to a chiropractor, which has helped a bit, usually for the day I go and the next, then I went to a neurologist yesterday for more help. She put me on a new "safe" med, which happens to make me sick, and also gave me 2 cortizone steroid shots in the back of my head. Which hurt like crazy, and have a 50-50 chance of even working, and it only works for 1-3 months, but I only have to make it 4 more months till I can go back on my regular meds that I know work. so I will hang in there, and go day to day! but so far baby is fine! (and still a boy ;) 
Brian and I have a new calling in the ward, we are teaching sunday school, the 15 and 16 year olds, SCARY!!! I still havent figured out what to do with my own teenager. what were they thinking???? I hope I don't ruin them all. If all else fails, bring treats right? speaking of treats, for this time of year, I have a new favorite treat, (I have made it twice) look here and try it out.   soooo delish! anyway, sorry if this turned into a blubber fest, I have been taking pics of the rooms I finish, so I will post them soon!


Goodwin Family said...

I miss you! I sure hope those shots are working for you. And the next 4 months, (or less! :)will fly by!!

Cathy said...

Been thinkin about you hope you can get help with the headaches. Keep smilen, you have a nice one. P.S. I need your address

Jodi said...

I'm thinkin there is a shortage of good OB's now a days! I sure hope your headaches get better - pregnancy all by itself is hard enough to deal with!! (Not to mention a move on top of that!)

Glad you got a calling so fast - they must know good help when they see it and I know you guys will do great!!

I need your address too!:)

Carroll family said...

thanks guys, I am on day 4 with only a mild headache yesterday so I am hoping this is really working! I gave myself till halloween to have this house organized, but I am thinking that was unrealistic, so maybe thanksgiving???? we will see, lol. Cathy, I need your email too! and Ill send you my address, I wold love to hear from you all!