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Monday, October 17, 2011

pics of my munchkins!

We went for a sunday drive yesterday, mostly because I needed to get new pics of the kiddos, with 5 in school now, we just can't order the school pics, they have gotten way too expensive, so I the very ameture photographer that I am, went and took my own. They didn't turn out too bad. Of course with kids as cute as mine, its pretty easy :)

 Not the best picture, butI loved how they looked hanging out over the water.
 I had to throw this one in, I'm sure the boys won't like it, but I thought it was pretty cute!

 And we couldn't leave out the littlest one! Here he is waving at everyone.
 And my upside down baby, with his long legs.

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Goodwin Family said...

LOVE the pictures!! Especially that new little cutie pie!! You did a GREAT job!! :)