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Friday, June 18, 2010

warm swim meet, big owie, new dryer, old friend

Swim meet in Draper Ut., this was a fun meet! It was warm, and beautiful, and Joey did awesome! Here he is getting ready for the backstroke! And here is the whole crew! Well we just had a small portion of the swim team at this meet, but we had fun anyway! Go Lava Heat!!!
And here is peppers big owie, she wanted to ride Jason's big boy bike, she got going just a little too fast, and CRASH, road rash. She said she decided to just ride her littler bike, I told her that was probably a good idea. ( by the way, the owie totally went away, to scar at all thank goodness)

ok, so more drama in the carroll household, my dryer bit the dust! On the upside..... I now have the dryer that matches my washer! YEA!!!

And more fun for me, I as able to meet up with my friend I grew up with! Those of my family that read this blog I am sure you all remember April! We met up with my friend Jennie (yes there is a long story there) and all had breakfast the other day! It was crazy and so much fun! It is so wild what a small world it really is! But wow it was amazing to see her again. And the memories it brought back!!!

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Cathy said...

You have been busy, but looks like so much fun. Meeting up with old friends is the best!!