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Friday, June 11, 2010

I realized yesterday that I have not laughed out loud for a very long time! I think everybody gets in funks, I have been in one, sure times are rough all around, everybody is broke, beinga a single mom is not what I signed up for, I run from sun up to sun down, and beyond, it seems I am always telling the kids do this do that..., medical issus with the kids, alli getting her tonsils out this summer, alli and joey getting glasses, zach getting braces, salt and pepper starting kindergarten, my own medical problems I am having a hard time with, things have been turbulent in the carroll household, Well, we were heading out of town the other night, Zach was in the front passenger seat playing his D.S. surprise surprise, Joey was directly behind him, playing gameboy, both boys had their windows down, Not even thinking I drove right by a sprinkler, and sure enough it went right in the window and got both boys, the looks on their faces were so priceless!!! I LAUGHED OUT LOUD in fact we all laughed out loud! we couldn't stop! we were all so shocked! It was so funny! So thank you to the person who was watering the road on the way out of town!!! You made my day! It felt so good to laugh again.


BrownFamilyBlog said...

That is way to funny. You need to laugh more. I am going to be in Salt Lake the 22-29th of June. If you feel like coming that way. I am sure I have a spare moment to see you.

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing, Mindi! I think we all go through it. We take one step forward and 2 back. It is usually the simple things that make you laugh like crazy! Keep Smiling!!!!

Selena Sorensen Guthrie said...

lol....that makes me laugh!! Were you about to pee your pants?! LOL!!
-Thanks, I needed that!!