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Monday, June 28, 2010

chuck-e-cheese!!!! where a kid can be a kid, and brian can too!

Alli's birthday was the midldle of May, and she told Grandma and grandpa Carroll that she just wanted to go to jungle jims. well, we realized that it is made mostly for kids under 9, and now she is in double digits, so she decided to go to play with chuckee cheese! pizza games the whole works! It was so much fun! Here are salt and pepper playing a game, collecting the oh so coveted tickets.
Jason and daddy playing the water squirting game. ( I think jason acutally won! sorry b)

here is pepper playing the bowling game! She absolutly loved it!!!
Joey and Alli racing in the motorcycle races!

Alli loving her late birthday celebration! It may be late but worth the wait! Thanks so much Grandma and grandpa!


Cathy said...

Cute pictures! I love family days like this. Happy Late Birthday Alli Cat!!!!

Lisa said...

What fun!! Where did you go to find one? Kirk wants to go so bad for his birthday.