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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ok so I had a bad tooth a long time ago, and I have been babying it for a while, well, a few months ago, it couldn't be babied any more, and I had to have it pulled, so because I refused to walk around for the rest of my life toothless, I have been looking into all of my options, while my self esteem has taken a major blow! I decided to have an implant put in, to look the most natural,and not have to worry about it anymore! Well, I had that done yesterday. The actual procedure was not that bad, other than the fact that to save a few bucks, I opted out of the sedation, so I totally knew that they were putting a screw into my jaw!!! Not cool, but it didn't hurt..... till I got home, and the local wore off. Now on day 2... holy moly, me and my chipmunk cheek and my bottle of ibuprofen. I feel like a walking bruise! One of the hardest parts, last night after I had it done, they told me, don't eat, drink, or talk for at least 4 hours, well hello, I have 5 kids and a husband who are curious, they kept coming in and asking me questions, checking on me, Jason totally couldn't handle it, he needed his momma!!! And now today, I may be feeling worse, but my house looks worse, oh well no rest for the wicked right??? so this pic shows that when I am totally losing my mind, I just might have a screw loose!! Kinda gross I know and I can't wait to heal its already feeling like forever, but hopefully soon I will get my smile back!


Jodi said...

Hope you feel better soon!!! There is nothing worse than a toothache...I have to go in tomorrow for 2 teeth of a similar situation.:( I would much rather give birth - so much more to show for afterwards! We can be frowny faced together!

Lisa said...

Poor girl. I'm sorry. I hope you heal up quickly!

Goodwin Family said...

hope you feel better soon!