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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bad mom

Ok so have you ever had one of those days when you just should have stayed in bed, and simply skipped the entire day?? I so had one of those today. It kind of felt like that movie groundhog day, but instead of the same day every morning, it was the same thing every hour. Jason who we have been potty training, and he has done great so far, decided to rebel today. I have never seen a kid who can poop so much in one day, again and again and again and again!!!!! Then when I left him alone for 2 seconds, (I know he's 3 he shouldn't be alone for 2 seconds) he was washing his hands in the bathroom, and decided to dump out the bottle of hand sanitizer into the toliet. OK frustrating but I can handle that. Only 10 min. later he was back in the bathroom dumping out Alli's brand new bottle of hair detangler!! I just bought it 2 days ago!!!!!!! THEN he was outside playing with Alli after school, got into the shed, and dumped out a gallon of gas outside. Doesn't he realize that gallon of gas was part of his college fund!! Ok to round out my lovely day, we got a call from Zach's teacher (that call would put any mom in a bad mood) I won't get into that, but It just went with my day. And to end it all. I put jason in the tub, left him (yes I know I probably deserve all this for leaving him unsupervised ) I went to grab his jammies, during the 3 min. alone he managed to dump out a bottle of body wash, and a bottle of bubble bath. On the upside, he smelled really good. So, I am now heading back to my room for a nice not bubble bath since I don't have any, but a nice bath. so wish me better luck tomorrow. And yes I will be a helecoptor mom tomorrow, and hover over him 24/7!!!!!


The Holt's said...

Gosh Min....that sucks! Makes me excited to be a mom....NOT!!! HA HA! What am I getting into? Anyway...better luck tomorrow! You are a great mom!! Don't let this day get you down!

heather n said...

Wow what a day! I have had a few those. Aren't you glad when it is time to go to bed and the day is over. :) Tomorrow is a new day!