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Monday, December 8, 2008

OK YES I am a huge Twilight fan, and yes I did go see the movie with my sisters, I LOVED it!!!! I can't hardly wait till the make the other 3 movies. It makes me want to read all the books again!

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Jenni and fam said...

GO TEAM EDWARD! So, I decided to read Twilight back in November. I started it and a day and 1/2 later I was finished and HAD to have the 2nd one. Luckily my neighbor had them all so I finished the entire series plus the 264 pages of Midnight sun posted on Stephenie Meyers website in 1 week exactly! It was such a GREAT week for me! I haven't indulged myself in anything for such a long time that I was in my own little world. I love vampires now! I have read all the books again too because they just are so good. Now the movie is a whole other story. I didn't like Edwards hair..and I thought he was too snappy and rude. He needed to be at first but not as much throughout the rest I thought. I wish they wouldn't have taken so much of the romance out it too. But they did pretty good at keeping some of the book in it! I too, am dying for the next movies to come out. I would have been really irritated if I would have read those books and had to wait for the next ones to come out! So are you an Edward or Jacob fan? Interestingly enough...I have found 2 people who like Jacob..which totally blows my mind..he's a jerk! I just love Edward..mmmmmmm. We'll have to talk Twilight more!