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Thursday, February 26, 2009

OK. so this is one of my many wild and crazy ideas that I come up with, then my dad has to help with. This is my laundry room. There was a window here, but I thought it was a worthless window, it let the cold in in the winter, and the hot in, in the summer. So of course I decided I was going to close off the window, and have a nice bench and coat rack. So a couple of weeks ago me and brian closed off the window, and called my dad to help with ideas for a bench and coat rack. My dad found the coat rack part at IKEA(fun store, I could get in so much trouble in that place) So me and my mom went to see the coat rack, I loved it and bought them. Then I found a bookshelf that if I turned it sideways, would be the perfect bench, but it was too long, so my amazing dad, built one that would fit!!! I absolutly love it. The kids have their own baskets to put their shoes in, so I don't have to trip over them to get to the washer and dryer. It is a perfect fit, so dad, thank you sooooooo much!

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