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Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy birthday Zach!!!!
I can't believe that you are 12 years old now!
Here are some fun pics of Zach during his first year of life. Zach is such a fun kid, he has been since he was born!
Yes, this is me and Zach, its amazing what 12 years does to a person.
This was always one of my favorite pics, This is my mom, and Zach sharing a chocolate chip cookie. Now 11 years later, he still loves them!


Lewis Family said...

Cute pictures! Dan was just saying the other day how he's starting to notice how different we look than from when we got married. I don't know if it's good different or bad!! You actually look about the same just shorter hair now!! Great job on aging so well!!!

Carroll family said...

I dont know about that. I feel like I look about 12 in that pic. but it sure is fun to look back at. Brings back some good memories. Me and Brian talk about aging, and how we thought we haven't changed at all till we look at pics. too funny!!! But thanks for the compliment. I REALLY appreciate it.