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Friday, November 2, 2012

 spending the day at gardner village. we had a blast, we did the witches scavenger hunt, and found them all.
 we had to take turns getting in the picure :)
 Alli and zander posing by the upside down witch. they thought it was pretty funny!
 aww, me and my baby!
 This kid eats EVERYTHING in sight, here he is with aunt kami feeding him an apple....
 then she had to sneak him some caramel to go with it.
 And jason finally lost his tooth! I am not sure about the face he is pulling here, kinda goofy, but he sure was happy to get a dollar.
 Alli was trying to teach him how to color. he didn't do to bad, he was a bit more interested in eating the crayon, but he did do some coloring.
 He liked to change colors a lot!
 He was so proud he wanted to eat his artwork.
 And here he is with his pumpkin, and I know it is kinda hard to tell, but those are his handprints, and footprints on the pumpkin. just a bit smeared.
 And all of my spooks. dressed up and ready to go!
 Never too old to dress up and have fun, Zach.
 Alli, my devil child!
 Abby, the little princess
 Jason, the ninja, who pulls weird faces
 Joey, yea, my little nerd, don't ask...........
and zander, the littlest angry bird, but he sure doesn't look very angry! we sure had a great halloween, now onto the next holliday, bring on the turkey!!


Cathy said...

They all look so cute, love the pictures!

Goodwin Family said...

Zander is getting WAY to big! I don't think I've seen joey without ear phones! Can't wait to see you!

Jamie Bowcutt said...

love all the their costumes!