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Monday, April 28, 2008


Ok, So I decided that it is time to get serious about losing a couple of pounds that keep sneaking up on me. So Myself, Kristie, and Lori are doing our own version of biggest loser! I am starting with 19 pounds to lose, so wish me luck I will let you know how I am doing at the end of the week!


The Holt's said...

Ok. I'm going with 17. But I don't have a scale. I'm going to have to visit my mom's house once a week. I'm mostly going to work on eating healthy until this last final is over. Wish us luck! We can do it!

The Holt's said...

FYI I was down 1 lb this week. That leaves me 16 more to go. :) How did you do?
Love ya guys!