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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring break

Well Spring break is here, and we are having a blast. The kids are loving not having to go to school. They like the fact that they have a little more freedom to do whatever, or nothing. On Tuesday we went to see the new movie 'Horton hears a hoo' . We all loved it. Jason even managed to sit through most of it. Then today I decided to take the kids rollerskating. Wow it has been a long time since I have done that, and I will have the sore muscles tomorrow to prove it, but I managed to stay on my feet. Although all the kids did great and had fun, I was really impressed that Jason actually figured it out. He was a skating fool once he stopped laughing so hard. Alli liked staying close to the edge where she could hang on. And Joey and Zach liked going right down the middle, although I am not so sure it was the best idea after I saw them biff it constantly. But they enjoyed it and that is what counts. Well it wasn't a wild and crazy spring break, but it sure has been a fun one! Here are some pictures of our skating adventure.


Wildingkids said...

I love that pic of you and Jason!! It was a TON of fun, My kids wanna go again. although Sam says she needs "Lessons" first!!


g&g carroll said...

I'd like to squeeeeezzzzzzz them all Love ya G & G Carroll

The Holt's said...

Man, I miss you guys! I wish we could just blink our eyes and be able to visit ya......:) Tell everyone Hi!
Love ya Lots!
-Kristie and Tyler

The Holt's said...

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!! :) (And yes, you are the only Mindy I know!) I have read twilight. I read all 3 of them that are out in just a week and a half, while I was supposed to be studying for school. I'm a BAD girl! The question is, Are you an Edward or Jacob fan??