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Saturday, September 19, 2009

This picture was taken the night before Jason's surgery. He was so adorable. He fell asleep on the living room floor, and it looked like he was praying. Well if he was, it helped, his surgery went just fine. We are now on our second set of tubes, and minus the adnoides. They also cauterized his nose, so hupefully he won't have as many nose bleeds as he has been having. He was such a trooper. And now today, you would have no clue that he had surgery. I have a superman baby!!!! Ok so he is not a baby, but since he is my baby, I can still call him that. Also those of you who have been following my medical challenges with Joey, he went back in yesterday, They have finally said he has a 'problem' not sure what to call it yet, but we are one step closer. He is growing abnormally fast. in the last 5 months, his bones have grown the equivilant (sp) of 18 months. So we are waiting on some blood work, then off to the endocrinologist. I have a sinking feeling that this is just the begining. Even though I have been trying to get this figured out for 2 years now, I still feel we are closer to the begining than the end. So stay tuned, and I will keep you all posted, and if you feel so inclined, we take as many prayers as you want to give.


Lewis Family said...

You are always in my prayers! Glad everything went okay for Jason and hope they get things figured out for Joey soon.

BrownFamilyBlog said...

We will keep you in our prayers. I just went to Time Out for Women. I know that it going to be in Salt Lake in November. I highly recommend it. It was such a great weekend. Deseret Book it the host for it.

Nichols Family said...

My sweet boys, I hate that they have these challenges! I will put Joey on Rachel's prayer list-she is still praying for Jason every night and at every meal. Once she finds out you need prayer, she just keeps going (she's still praying for her grandpa who passed 5 weeks ago). Who am I to stop her? Maybe she knows something I don't! Love you guys!