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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Joey turns 11

Well as many times as we threatend him over the last year, he actually made it!! Joey turned 11. Here he is blowing out the candles of his cake. Jason was right there to cheer him on! This year I told all the kids that I was going to throw a pie in their face for their birthday. Nobody believed me!! So of course I had to do it! I snuck up behind Joey and got him good! It was so much fun. I wll totally have to keep doing this one! It was my favorite part of the birthday.

Joey opening his presents. He was pretty happy.

All in all a pretty fun day! And a pretty spoiled kid if you ask me. But he is worth it!
Love you Joey!

Your smile makes it worth anything!


Cathy said...

His smile is so great! Happy Birthday, Joey!!!

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Joey!

Wildingkids said...

They sure grow up fast!! Happy b-day buddy!

Nichols Family said...

Happy B-day Joe-Man! It looks like your mom had fun, but she'll have to get pretty sneaky now that you guys know the pies are coming!

I've got a surprise coming for you in the mail-call me after you get it!

Love you,
Aunt Mel